How to Get Bigger Made Simple - GVT, Compound Training, Rest and Eating Loads of Food

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Bodybuilding is not new, the legends of bodybuilding figured out how to get bigger and stronger decades ago. It is with these ancient methods that you too will get bigger (that is if you are really serious about getting bigger, by building muscle). You will be told that they have found a new method to get bigger but that is not true it is just the recycling of old school bodybuilding methods. Things like supplementation may change but not the workout routines used to get big.
Franco Columbu doing pull ups compound exercises
Franko Columbu doing pull ups

German Volume Training for Mass Gains

You may be asking yourself why I am going on about old school bodybuilding routines. Well, I recently read an old article about how to get bigger using a simple but very difficult workout program called German Volume Training. In case you do not know what German Volume Training (GVT)  is, It’s a workout program whereby you do  10 sets of a single exercise, usually an exercise which involves a lot of muscles (compound exercises ), then you do supplementary exercises to work out certain muscles which may have not been targeted by that compound exercise in that region for example doing  10 sets of 10 reps of squats with 3 sets of 12 reps of calf raises for a leg workout. GVT takes a lot out of your body so you need to have enough rest, it takes more out of you than normal training, so you need to only work out a few days in the week, say maybe 3 times per week. The other crucial part of this training is that you will need to eat a lot of food to help with recovery and the building of new muscle, and you need proper rest. That was just a summary of what GVT is if you want to find out more and even get a workout sample to begin with, check out...

Compound Exercises for Mass Gains

GVT is another example of how effective training using compound exercises is but another common method to get bigger is just using compound exercises like you squats, dead lifts, bench press, pull-ups/chin-ups etc.  Without having to do 10 sets of a single exercise.  Usually doing just 3 sets per exercise, 8-10 reps with a challenging weight is enough. Also in this type of routine you do whole body training, with a lot of rest days and a lot of eating if you want to pack on the size.

Don’t Forget to eat, eat, eat (because you need to eat more than you currently eat to maintain your current body weight) and rest ( I mean both not over working your body and sleeping).  This getting bigger thing is incomplete without one of these 3 things: Compound Training/GVT, rest and eating.

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