This January I’m Going 8 Pack Abs Crazy

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I have been slow bulking for a while now and I feel its time I cut and see what is underneath the stomach fat to reveal some 8 pack abs. I have been looking at inspirational pictures of top fitness models that are around my height and assessing what they look like at different weights. I find that most of these top fitties like Marc fit, Ryan Terry are around or under 80kg (176lbs) to look that cut. Ofcourse there are many others who are more muscular and look cut at 85kg or above but I feel that I will be best served aiming at looking cut at around 80kg than at 85kg at this moment then I can work my way up to 85Kg as cleanly as possible. There is still a lot of time in the year so anything is possible as long as I stay consistent.
Marc Fitt ripped abs
Marc Fitt Abs

Getting 8 Pack Abs

Part of the reason I wanted to cut is so I will have fully visible abs all the time, year round. One of the guys who inspire me is Marc Fitt with his trademark cut abs, and he just so happens to train abs every day.  He has some abs workout videos on YouTube,  I have watched a few and I am going to be trying them out this month, of course I already did some of those exercises before I watched his videos but is always good to see how he combines his abs exercises.

I will also be doing my own combination of abs exercises, doing different abs exercises each day, I like to combine abs exercises like Marc Fitt such that they seem easy to do at first but after you repeat the cycle of abs exercises for the third or fourth time it’s not so easy, it also serves as a great way to burn fat after doing a workout beforehand (since I like doing abs straight after my workouts). I think even doing abs exercise before you eat breakfast in a fasted state would be a great idea.
going for 8 pack abs in jan
This is the starting point, so I will be comparing my abs with this pic come month end

On one of the gym days I do some P90X Ab Ripper X, its short and intense making it, just like Marc Fitt ab workouts great to do after intense workouts to help you shed some stomach fat.

I have already started doing this since the first of Jan; it leaves me feeling great after my workout sessions. I will keep it up for as long as it takes. I hope you guys have some fitness goal set and you are working hard towards then...See you later Fitness Nation.

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