A Gift from Technology to Us - The Curse of the Sedentary Lifestyle

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Technology has been improving at an alarming rate in the past 100 years, more than at any other period in time and with that come many benefits but also many disadvantages. During this blog post I will focus mainly on how this affects our bodies and our health. I will focus mainly on how the improvement in technology has led to a sedentary lifestyle and how that affects us as modern day human beings.

Charley Motreuil arms, big biceps, big round delts
Canadian fitness dude Charley Montreuil is my gym motivation, being the same age has me he had worked very hard from a young age to get into this sort of condition.

Kinds of jobs back then and now

Many years ago most of the jobs done by man used to be manual labour. These were hard jobs which made people sweat and really work for their money. They were physical jobs and were mainly suited to men and not women. Yes these jobs were physically stressful and resulted in many injuries for people back then, but this also meant that people were fit and physically strong, and were stronger for a longer period because for as long as they had mouths to feed they had to work themselves to the ground. This has all changed for many people with the exception of those hard working strong man who still do physical labour especially in 3rd world countries. Nowadays many jobs are automated and done by machines so there is no need for manual labour, also many jobs nowadays are intellectual jobs and do not require much in terms of physical strength or effort. It is only those who do not get higher education who often do physical jobs these days. The problem today is people spend many a day in front of a computer in their office clicking away the whole day, or answering phone calls and being in boardroom meetings. All these modern day job activities do not involve much physical activity but rather they involve brain activity. Nothing is wrong with a little brain activity but your body also needs to be stimulated by physically stimulating it by doing physical work or doing exercise, many people don’t not exercise hence there is an increasing problem with weight and increasing obesity especially in 1st world countries. Mix this lack of activity and an increase in fast food consumption and you have a big problem, the future is not looking good. We will have little fat kids and their obese parents being the norm in the future; don’t forget the health issues which are related to obesity and unbalanced diets.

Fun activities then and now

Back in the day, for fun people used to go outside and play with their kids. They used to play a game of football, soccer, basketball. They used to go hiking up a mountain or go cycling because they wanted to entertain themselves. Then technology came into the picture instead of going outside to play and have fun people started staying in and watching television. It got worse as television channels increase so there was never a shortage of things to watch. People began sitting in front of their TV’s all day everyday when they came back from their office jobs, so this was a disaster for their physical health. Not only were they not active at work and home but they sat on the couch eating junk food. Without movement, exercise, sports this was a disaster waiting to happen, so began the rise of the unhealthy obese human being. To make it worse there were TV games, computer games which were addicting to the players meaning they would never set foot in a sports field again, opting to play sports with their fingers on their games rather than actually playing that same game outside. The gaming industry knew what they were doing was wrong but they did not want to lose money so they have been developing exercise and sports games that actually require you to move, or dance or swing a tennis bat, but I do not think this will do much good. It is up to the schools to try and save the future generation from the sedentary curse and the disease which is obesity. It is up to the parents to be responsible and lead by example, kids raised by obese parents are more likely to get obese than kids with healthy parent as so many studies have shown just check on Google scholar if you don’t believe me.

A way forward

I still have hope that we will someday turn things around, I see people being inspired everyday on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. I see people lose weight every day and accomplish their fitness goals because of the support of a mostly anonymous group of fitness fanatics who refer to themselves as the #FitFam on twitter, and FitBlrs on tumblr with their thousands of inspirational FitSpo pictures, inspirational quotes and progress pictures. I also hope that someone will stumble upon this very blog and be inspired to get in shape, whether they only wish to lose weight or to build lean muscle. 

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