My First Week Training with an Arnold Style Workout Split

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Last week some time, I wrote about changing from a 5 day one body part per day workout plan to an Arnold type split modified from a workout that I got from to fit me. It was a 6 day workout program with 1 rest day, but I was going to do it in 5. How was I going to do it in 5 days? Well basically each week I will have 5 training sessions in which I would repeat 2/3 of those workouts in the split twice. This will happen by training for 2 days then taking a rest day on the 3rd day then training for the next 3 days resting again on the 7th day. My split is chest/back, shoulders/arms, legs/lower back so in the first week I would only have one legs/lower back workout then in the second week I would have one shoulder/arm workout, the following week I would have one chest/back and the cycle would continue on like that.

Arnold type workout split
Arnold type workout split

My First Week Progress on Arnold Split:

I have to say I was not sure how training most of my muscles twice a week would work out, I was afraid I would be too tired to lift properly on other workout days as legs and lower back exercises usually hit the same region at times (think dead-lift, good mornings and stiff legged dead-lifts), also shoulder and chest are somewhat related, and you indirectly work shoulders during chest workouts.

I started off with the chest and back workout, and I have to say I enjoyed it, it was demanding but the upper body pump I got was awesome. The muscle t-shirt I was wearing went from being a little loose before the workout to being tight by the end of the workout.
I loved the first round of workouts, when it was time to repeat chest/back, shoulders/arms I thought I would be weak but to my surprise I actually felt a bit stronger and all went well.

I am expecting to see great results from this workout; I can already imagine the future more muscular and ripped me. Even during my workout I am imagining the muscle growing, trying to do that whole mind muscle connection thing.

I made a YouTube video to signal my one week progress on Arnold type split, and I will take photos and compare between my body now and maybe 4 weeks from now and so forth.

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