Trying out some Arnold Schwarzenegger Style Training – Arnold Workout Split

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I have been working out for a while now, training with weights since 2011. I feel I am ready for some serious training that is why I have decided to try out an Arnold Schwarzenegger style workout split; I will share the split just now.  I have been doing this one body part per workout thing for too long now, I don’t count abs as I train those after workouts and on rest days, I started doing this in the beginning of the year whereas before I trained abs every other day. I feel it’s time for a change; my body is used to the old split now it’s time for a new one.

Arnold style workout Split
Young Arnold Schwarzenegger posing his biceps
Arnold style workout split

The Arnold Split I am doing:

I got this split from; this is going to be a little difficult but its easier compared to his other higher frequency workout split where he trained each major body part 3 times per week. I will make some minor adjustments which I will mention below. Also I will be purchasing some creatine monohydrate and whey protein to aid with my needs be it, energy, protein intake, recovery or repair of muscles. So I feel it will be easier to cope with the demanding split, and I hope I will make some good gains while maintaining a low body fat with this routine.

Day 1 and 4 – chest and back

Bench press – 10 reps * 3-4 sets
Incline bench – 10 reps * 3-4 sets
Dumbbell Pull overs – 10 reps *3-4 sets

Chin up – 10 reps * 3-4 sets
Bent-over rows – 10 reps * 3-4 sets
Dead-lifts – 10 reps * 3-4 sets

Day 2 and 5 – Shoulders and arms

Dumbbell lateral raise – 10*3
Upright row – 10*3
Military Press – 10*3

Seated Dumbbell curls – 10*3
21’s – repeat 3 times
Hammer curls – 10*3
Close grip bench press – 10*3
Barbell tricep extensions – 10*3

Day 3 and 6 – Legs and lower back

Squat - 10*3
Lunge – 10*3
Standing calf raises – 10*3

Lower back
Stiff legged dead-lifts – 10*3
Good mornings – 10*3

*note that there are minor changes in this workout so it is not exactly the same as the one in the link I gave above.

I usually work out 5 times a week and this kind of split is for 6 days a week so I will not be doing this for 6 days a week. I will be training 5 times a week and each week I will omit one workout from each group for example one week I will train chest and back only once a week, then the other week I will do chest and back twice but do legs and lower back once then again do legs and lower back twice in the following week and do shoulders and arms once.

I have already done one workout of this split and I have to say I enjoyed it, I trained chest and back, since chest and back are push pull movements I find that they are complimentary and make for an awesome upper body pump, my lose wife beater was tight by the time I was finished with my workout. I had to drink a lot of water more than usual and it was a taxing workout but I loved it. I am looking forward to doing the rest and getting used to doing this split.

Now Check out Arnold Schwarzenegger Working Out:

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