Update: Results of Cutting, Ripped 8 Pack Abs Challenge

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In January I published a post saying I was going 8 pack abs crazy, my plan was to train my abs every day after my workouts on workout days, and on rest days. I wanted to adopt the abs training style that many fitness model use to build their abs size and cuts. My inspiration in January was, Marc Fitt the French Canadian fitness model with killer abs. He trained abs everyday and had probably the most cut abs I have ever seen, I wanted to have abs like him and other great fitness models with ripped abs.

results of 8 pack abs challenge
Result of 8 pack abs challenge and cut.  

Results of Cutting and 8 pack abs challenge:

I am proud to announce that I did not miss a single abdominal workout in January. No matter how tired I was after a workout, I put in that extra 10 to 15 minutes just to work those abs. I found it to be a good fat burner as expected so I found no need to do cardio. I had said I would do cardio if I felt I needed that extra boost to burn fat. I probably just skipped cardio because I hate it and I am lazy when it comes to doing things I hate. Would I have seen better results with cardio? Maybe, but I do not care as I got good results without it anyways.

At the end of 4 weeks in Jan I was satisfied with the results so far, when I touched my abs I could feel that I had developed them thickness wise, it was just a matter of sweating it out to reveal the abs. The lower abs were there when I felt them but they were still under developed when compared to the upper abs and oblique’s.  My plan was to continue to train the way I was training for a bit longer. I am currently still focussing on thickening the lower abs. I will continue training abs every day until further notice.

What I was eating

As far as my diet is concerned there is nothing special where that is concerned. I eat normal whole foods; I eat take aways maybe once a month just so I remember how junk food tastes. I do not eat a lot on non workout days; I eat most of my carbohydrates before and after my workouts. I usually have a cup of nuts as a snack during the day but this January more often than not I was eating bananas, apples, peaches, yoghurt and mango’s.

As I mentioned in an earlier post in Jan, this year I am going to take supplements and see how that aids my progress. I am getting myself some whey protein and maybe some creatine later on this month so that is all that is going to change in my nutrition plan. I know I have lost some weight but I have not checked the scale yet, the scale is not important for now, what I see is the mirror is what is important.

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