Using Heavy Lifting to Get Ripped Six Pack Abs

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In January I was doing an abs challenge, where I worked out abs every day after workouts and on rest days to develop and sculpt them. While I realize that training abs alone will not give you that complete 6 pack abs look, the aim of this experiment was to see if what the top fitness guys were doing really worked. Now to understand how these top fitness guys get their ripped abs we have to look at their whole routine in detail.

alon gabbay crazy ripped six pack
Alon Gabbay crazy ripped thick abs.

Getting Ripped Six Pack Abs like a Fitness Model

Most fitness models train abs more than 3 times a week. Some of the guys with the craziest looking abs train them every day, using multiple ab exercises to sculpt their core. Some of the most effective ab workouts are the ones that use weights and cables. To add to this, fitness models unlike normal people live fitness, it’s their life and their occupation so everything depends on them being lean year round. So they use a multitude of supplements to help them burn fat and optimize the amount of muscle they maintain year round. Of the supplements that they take, some of them take fat burners which help them to get shredded for photo-shoots which is when we always see them. Besides the supplementation, they also eat clean foods most of the time, to add to that many fitness models do cardio to put the finishing touches to their physiques. Depending on their body-type the various fitness models will do different amounts of cardio with some not doing cardio at all (the ectomorphs), opting intense training sessions instead.

Now to get back to doing heavy lifts for abs.

Heavy Lifting for Six Pack Abs

I remember during my first year of gym, I did not train abs at all, if I did it was random but I still had visible abs even after gaining 33lbs. The reason for this was that training regularly especially doing workouts for legs and back which require core strength to stabilize the body, the abs were indirectly worked out. What I am noticing again now that I am doing the Arnold type split is that the abs are really getting well trained from the squats, dead-lifts, pull ups and good mornings. These workouts being repeated twice a week give the abs a good workout. Doing these exercises as well as normal ab exercises is sure to bring about, thick and cut abs.

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