I'm Trying out Creatine Monohydrate for an Extended Period of Time

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I recently bought some creatine monohydrate to give me that extra edge in the gym, so that I can get in more reps because it makes more energy available, so that I can recover faster and get bigger quicker than I would without using this supplement.

Side note: Last time I used supplements some of my less informed friends accussed me of using drugs, treating creatine as if it were a steroid. What they failed to understand is that creatine is legal first of all and that is is available in common everyday foods in small amounts and what I was doing was just increasing the amount of creatine in my system. Thats why these things are called supplements because they "supplement" what we don't get enough of in our diets.

Now getting back to me taking creatine monohydrate, I have used creatine monohydrate before in its powder form of course and I have used creatine ethyl ester in pill form which is supposedly absorbed 4 times more than normal powder form creatine monohydrate. Having used both I decided to write a comparison post, you can check that out here.

Trying creatine for 3 months

I bought 3 months worth of micronised creatine monohydrate so that I could try it for an extended period of time this time around. I bought the powder form of creatine because its more affordable and judging from the last time I used the ethyl ester, it was no different than the powdered creatine but cost more than double the price.

The last two times I used creatine I used the two creatine products for a month each, the first time I used the creatine monohydrate was in september 2011 I think then the second time was around december of 2012, so it has been well over a year without me using any supplementation.

after taking creatine for a month
This is how I looked after using creatine monohydrate for a month, the previous month  which was august I was still looking skinny, I only gained a couple of kilo's but the way I looked changed.

After taking creatine X4 for a month
This is what I looked like after taking creatine ethyl ester for a month 
I never really paid much attention to it but looking back at the times I was using creatine I seemed to gain muscle and burn fat at the same time as I was not gaining a lot of weight but the way I looked was changing slightly which might be because I gaining muscle and replacing fat with muscle.

I am documenting my progress on an Arnold type split, check that out if you have not and I will add the creatine monohydrate into the variables now. I will write an update maybe a month from now so stay tuned guys.

Weightless Chest Workout to do at home (video)

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I like body-weight exercises and I believe if they are done right with the right amount of reps and sets with minimal rest periods they produce great results. If you want to build a decent lean muscular body and you don't have access to the gym then body-weight exercises are the type of exercises you should do. Today I will be sharing a video of a workout you can do at home to build a great chest, say goodbye to being chest-less and say goodbye to man boobs.

Weightless Chest Workout:

The workouts shared in the video above are:

  1. The normal push up - you should do this at a steady pace, don't rush it take the same amount of time going down as you do going up. Do 3/4 sets of 15 to 25 reps. 3 sets when you do 20 reps or above, 4 sets if you do less than 20 reps.
  2. Decline push - I think this is actually more difficult then the horizontal push up above and focuses on your upper chest. Do the like the normal push up when it comes to sets and reps.
  3. Incline push up - I feel this is the easiest push up with the exception of lady push ups (with the person on their knees). Reps and sets are the same as the two other push up exercises above it.
  4. side to side push up - this is an advanced push up and is more difficult than the 3 push up exercises above. With this push up you are always leaning on one side more than the other and therefore use one hand to push you up whilst the other hand serves just as a balancing aid. You have to do these side to side push ups till failure I cannot tell you what reps to aim for.
  5. Dips - I like the dips whereby you lift your whole body-weight, I am not a fan of bench dips as they significantly reduce the load on your pecs and triceps. Find a place like between two branches or any that resembles a dip station where you can fit in between and raise and lower yourself for reps. You can do these till failure or do 3 sets of 10 reps.
If I am doing all these exercises together I usually do the horizontal, incline and decline push ups together then I finish off with one other exercise either the side by side push up or the dips or both of them depending on how strong I am feeling that day. Also I sometimes do 3 sets of one type of push up then follow it with 3 sets of a different push up or I alternate by doing 1 set horizontal, 1 set decline, 1 set incline and I repeat this 3 or 4 times depending on the reps i was doing.

Exercise is a Chore

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I have been thinking about a motivational post I wrote a few weeks ago about giving up working out not being an option. I have been trying to recall all the the reasons people I know gave me for not being able to continue working out. There are many reasons but all of them lead back to how that particular person viewed exercise and why they were doing it.

Is Exercising a Chore for you?

Well the answer to this question is the difference between dedicated gym goers who have great bodies and people who are out of shape or have quit gym. I think mowing the lawn is a chore I don't like doing it whereas gym and exercise are things I look forward to, I like how exercising makes me feel, I like how it make me look, heck I enjoy exercising with its pain and all things gym. When I am stressed I exercise, exercising doesn't stress me out, the thought of exercises gives me happy thoughts so I associate gym and working out in general with positive thoughts.

Ryan Terry Gym motivation
I don't even think of quitting because I want to look like this guy..Ryan Terry

Now a person who views exercise as a chore is bound to quit, its human nature to try to find shortcuts to things we don't like doing or finding ways to avoid it like making excuses like "I don't have time" just so you won't work out. A person who sees exercising as a chore will find reasons not to exercise no matter how ridiculous the reason is as long as they can somehow convince themselves its a good reason not to work out that day. I have had many friends who would work out and start to see results only to quit after they had a bit of homework to do, or they got sick and they would never get back to working out. The first chance they got to stop they would, all it took was missing one week of gym before it became their habit and they would quit.

The problem is that many of my friends never really had a good reason to work out anyways, none of them was out of shape they were normal guys looking to get fit or buff but they quit before they got there. Part of the reason I think some of them quit is because they did not set clear goals for themselves to reach weekly or monthly, they just said I want to get fit, but what is fit? They should have set clear goals like I want to be able to do 30 pull ups in one set or run a half marathon etc. They should have defined what fit is for them and decided on a program to get them to their goals. See the problem was they saw the work which is the actual exercising as a barrier between them and their "fit" selves. The second you view the exercising as "work" is the second you make things even more difficult for yourself, where there is fun and gym pump for those who enjoy exercising, there is a mount Everest to climb for those who view exercise as a chore.