Is Visual Impact Muscle Building for You?

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I am a fan of Rusty Moore’s and have been reading his fitness blog Fitness Black Book for a couple years now, he is a very controversial person who usually goes against the tide in the online fitness world often filled with info geared towards people who want to gain bodybuilder type physiques. His eBook Visual impact muscle building is one of the best selling fitness books on the internet because he goes against what is said by most bodybuilding sites. Instead of training to gain huge freakish muscles his book focuses on training to look good, as in building an aesthetically pleasing functional physique.


Who Should Purchase Visual Impact Muscle Building?

  1. If you are not into the whole bodybuilder look and just want to look good then visual impact is for you.
  2. If you want to build a physique that ordinary people outside the bodybuilding world find attractive and desirable then visual impact is for you.
  3. If you want a lean aesthetic, functional physique whereby you are still able to fit into normal sized jeans and pants then visual impact is for you.
  4. If you want to have a Hollywood type of body, for example if you want to have a body like Brad Pitt in fight club, Cam Gigandet, Taylor Lautner or Ryan Reynolds then visual impact is definitely for you.

Cam Gigandet lean aesthetic muscle
This is the kind of body that is visually appealing to the general population.

What do you get when you purchase visual impact muscle building?

  1. Visual Impact Muscle Building is an affordable fitness manual which has 75 easy to read pages.
  2. In this book you will learn why the big 3 exercises of bodybuilding squats, dead-lifts and flat bench are great for size but they are not for everyone (chapter 1, page 8) and why they should not be done in the long run.
  3. You will also learn about the different types of muscle growth (chapter 2, page 14) namely Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy whereby there is an increase of cell fluid in the muscle cell and Myofibrillar Hypertrophy whereby the actual muscle fibre grows, it also teaches you about the different rep ranges for different kinds of muscle growth. 
  4. Visual Impact muscle building has 3 phases which last for 2 months each so that you have a lean aesthetic body in 6 months. Phase 1 teaches you how to build muscle size in the right areas (sarcoplasmic hypertrophy), Phase 2 focuses on building muscle density and phase 3 focuses on maximizing your muscle definition.
  5. It also comes with extra’s like printable workout charts, 227 pages of workout illustrations to show you how different exercises are done and to top that this fitness guide comes with a bonus section on how to get shrink wrapped abs at the end of phase III.
Watch This to Learn About The Shrink Wrap Effect

Do I agree with everything Rusty says in Visual Impact Muscle Building?

I like the bodybuilding style training of using compound lifts which include the squats, dead-lifts and bench press that Rusty discourages but I understand his reasons for being against those lifts even though he is not totally against them (it depends on how big or small your legs are in proportion to the rest of your body and whether you already have big legs which are starting to give you that rounded lower body shape) and I am a huge fan of bodybuilders from the 70’s for example guys like Frank Zane, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Serge Nubret .

Unlike the bodybuilders of today they had aesthetic physiques, I like their training style and I use it myself but my goal is not necessarily to look like those guys or guys in Hollywood, I want to be more muscular than those Hollywood guys but I too do not want to look like a bodybuilder, so my goal is more of a fitness model look. I adjust my training to suit my physique goals with regards to the amount of weight I am lifting and the exercises that I do. I believe that visual impact muscle building is a great for beginners who just want to look great like those Hollywood actors and have lean functional muscles and it also gives you a good foundation to be able to make your own workout programs in future to fit your fitness goals at that time.

Are you interested in trying out Visual Impact Muscle building?
Get Visual Impact Muscle Building

Can You Get Ripped Using Bodyweight Exercises/Calisthenics?

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A lot of guys out there wonder if they could build some muscle and get ripped without joining the gym. Maybe you live far away on a farm or village somewhere so you have no access to a gym, or maybe you can't afford a gym membership or you can't afford to buy weights right now but you really want to build a great body. Well the good news is that you can build a great body without lifting weights by just doing bodyweight exercises, but I just want to make you aware that even though you will not be lifting weights you will have to work very hard and consistently, there will have to be lots of effort put in on your part and lots of pain as you push yourself to the limit.

Now before I get carried away, Let me show you what kind of a body is possible with just bodyweight training, this guy in the picture below is the co-founder of the Bar Brothers a popular calisthenics crew which posts its workouts, transformation vids and gym motivation for both male and female audiences on YouTube.

Get ripped using bodyweight training
Lazar Novovic from the Bar Brothers has built an incredible body with an eight pack using bodyweight training. 

What exercises do you start with?

Well, to begin with you have to do the most simple bodyweight exercises such as horizontal shoulder width push ups, lunges, squats, calf raises, pull ups, dips and you can add abs exercises to this list such as crunches, leg raises and planks. Learn to do these exercises with good form because the next level of bodyweight exercises builds on the strength you have built from the basics.

As you get stronger, lets say you can do 10-15 reps for 3 sets of each of those exercises one after the other with minimal breaks between exercises, you can now start doing more complex forms of those exercises, for example you can now try decline push ups, incline push ups, side to side push ups, spider-man push ups, you can now try pull ups and chin ups with different grips from wide to narrow grip pull ups, you can now try pistol (one legged squats) and you can also try one legged calf raises as well as some handstand push ups. The idea is to increase the difficulty of the exercises as your body starts getting used to the exercises, you can increase difficulty by increasing reps, adding exercises or making the exercises more difficult. Another way to increase difficulty of an exercise without progressing to the next level is to simply add a weight to the workout, by carrying a back pack with heavy text books when you do push ups or doing push ups with someone lying on top of you (you get the idea, be creative, find something heavy to carry). You add the weight when doing your bodyweight squats, lunges, dips, push ups and pull ups to make them more difficult.

At the beginning you may have been training your whole body in one session using the basic moves but as you progress you can start targeting different body parts on different days for example you could do upper body twice a week and then train abs and lower body twice a week and rest for 3 days. It is up to you how often you work out out, the the more often the better, the faster you get stronger and build lean functional muscle.

The Elite level of bodyweight training

muscle ups calisthenics training
Muscle ups pic from:

Then there is the next level and the hardest level of bodyweight training, this is when you have reached fitness levels very few people have reached, its the level at which Lazar in the picture I put at the top of this post is at, this is when you can do one arm pull ups, one arm push ups, clap pull ups, muscle ups, front levers, the human flag and all kinds of super human calisthenics moves.

I will share some of my favourite bodyweight training channels on YouTube and put a video below to show you what you can expect to see on those channels. As for myself, I use both bodyweight training and weighted training because my goal is to have a fitness model physique and be super fit which involves having functional muscle that bodyweight exercises are so good at building, plus I love that if I can't make it to the gym I can still have a great workout. I have not reached the elite level of bodyweight training but I plan to reach it some day in the near future.

My Favourite Calisthenics Channels on Youtube:

I hope you guys check those channels out, there is a lot of great content there such as tutorials to teach you how to do some impressive exercises.

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Building Big Legs with Bodyweight Exercises

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Legs are the hardest body part to train without weights, so developing your legs without weights is going to be a challenge. If you have ever watched any calisthenics video what you will notice is that many of the guys do not have thick legs, and those that do have thick legs it’s usually because they also do weighted training. In this blog post I will share with you several different exercises to build your legs so they develop as much as possible without weights.

Bodyweight leg Exercises for thick developed legs

cyclist developed legs
Olympic cyclist Chris Hoy developed legs

The first bodyweight exercise to do if you want thick legs is the bodyweight squats, you will have to do as many as you possibly can to really feel the effect (aim for 100 with no rest), the reason these bodyweight squats alone won’t develop your legs that well is that to properly develop legs you have to train them heavy. Bodyweight squats will not replace a 100kg plus squat, but they will give you better legs than if you don’t do them. In order to get better results in fewer reps I suggest carrying something heavy and doing squats for example you could squat your gym partner, the bigger your gym partner is the better, or you could carry a log or a rock that you can get a good grip on so you don’t hurt yourself or if you live in a farm you could carry (50kg or 80kg) chicken feed and squat it. Use your imagination and think of something, just because you don’t have weights doesn't mean you can’t get a decent leg workout.
Another workout for legs or more specifically calves is calf raises, you could do calf raises at the edge of a stair or when you are flat on a level surface by just going up and down on your toes. To make them more difficult you could do single leg calf raises so that you are raising your whole body with a single leg. Another variation of calf raises is donkey calf raises, just get a friend or gym partner to sit on your back as you raise your toes, Arnold Schwarzenegger used to do these (check out the documentary pumping iron and you will see what I mean).

A third bodyweight exercise you could do for developing legs is lunges, again to make the lunges more challenging you could carry something like your gym partner or a log or whatever you have lying around that would be safe to carry but heavy enough to give your muscles a hard time.

A fourth exercise you could do is the one legged squat otherwise known as the pistol squat, it is very difficult to do because you have to do it while trying not to fall as your whole body weight is supported by one leg as you attempt to go down and up again in a controlled fashion. Some guys like the Bar Brothers do single legged squats on a high platform with one foot on the bar of a jungle gym for example or the edge of a roof (but that is a bit dangerous start off by doing them on the ground first before you attempt daredevil fitness routines).

This video shares a whole bunch of bodyweight exercises you can do at home, included in there is the bar brothers leg workout. These guys are awesome...enjoy this video and try out their workouts.

Another thing you could do to develop legs is to sprint, sprinting is a great leg workout especially if you do hill sprints.

And the last exercise is for those with a bicycle. Have you noticed that cyclist have really developed legs, that’s because cycling is a great leg and cardiovascular workout, so ride fast and find a hill to ride up as fast as you can, don’t use those easy gears on the bike which make it easy to climb but you have to cycle 10 times more, go hard and fast.

I hope this post was helpful and gave you some ideas about how to get big legs with bodyweight exercises if you don’t have access to a gym.  Some of these exercise double as great cardio, so you will be killing two birds with one stone.

Having Trouble Staying Focused on Fitness Goals

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I strongly believe in setting goals if I want to achieve something whether those goals are health and fitness related or something else. I believe if you break long term goals into shorter interlinked goals it will take you to your goal easier because you have a plan of action to follow where you can evaluate your progress at different stages to see what you have been doing right, what you have achieved up to that point and the areas that still need improvement.

Trouble sticking things out

The problem I have noticed is that I have a very hard time sticking with a goal if it is too long, say 3 or more months. I have noticed that I get bored very easily, and even though I don't drop my ultimate goal I usually drop my short term goals whenever I have to do them for what I feel is a long time. I remember when I was eating 5/6 times a day in regular intervals I got sick of that after a while, then I started doing intermittent fasting and as my appetite started to decrease I knew I would not gain the required amount of weight if I did not feel like eating so I eventually dropped IF and went back to eating 5 or more times per day because I feared I was under eating. The thing is I eventually start under eating because I just don't feel like stuffing my face anymore even though I know that is the only way to grow. Another thing is I always feel like cutting and becoming super cut when I am bulking especially when I see one of those ripped aesthetic guys like Marc Fitt but in the back of my head is skinny me telling current me to add more size and the cutting will come later. Sometimes I wish I was already in a state whereby all I needed to do was eat for function like Greg Plitt does instead of eating at certain times because I have to in order to reach my caloric targets each day.

staying focused on fitness goals
Most recent pics of my progress so far
The example I gave above is like when you do not stick to a workout program long enough to see its effects, always changing routines prematurely. Its like having too many gurus who teach different things which all work individually if you stick with them and dedicate yourself to one method instead of learning and trying to master all the methods.

Nutrition is the hardest part

I find it rather easy to stick with workout routines even though I have the urge to try out new things especially when I read about new routines that are working for people or I watch a cool video like watching the DC bar brothers. With the workouts I can wait a while before I try new routines. The problem starts when it comes to nutrition or "diet", I guess I feel the nutrition part of things is the hardest thing to do, eating healthy, eating enough and sticking with it is the hardest part of muscle building. I often do not force myself to eat when I don't feel like eating even though I know I need to eat more than 3 times a day to reach my goal. I often wonder how much further I would be if I stuck with things and I forced that food down my throat when it was time to eat, I want to stop "wondering," I want to take out the what ifs in this equation. I want to stay as disciplined in my nutrition as I am in my weight training, I want to stick to a certain type of eating plan for a prolonged period to see its true results not the faulty results due to my lack of commitment at times.

This post was just sharing one of my weaknesses when it comes to achieving my fitness goals upon reflecting on the past year. I feel I should be much further by now, but this year I want to reach my goal more than ever before and I cannot afford to let lack of discipline get in my way. I am sure you guys have things you also feel hold you back, its good to admit these things so that you can correct them if you are going to reach your goal.