I Am Fasting Again – Trying Out Eat Stop Eat

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Hey guys last year I tried intermittent fasting as a way to cut fat and maintain lean muscle or even gain lean muscle while I burnt fat. I knew of 2 popular ways of fasting the lean gains method which requires one to have a daily fast for 16 hours and have an 8 hour eating window each day and the supper to supper fast which is a 24 hour fast not done daily. The first time I tried intermittent fasting I did the lean gains daily fast, but I did it with the goals of doing a lean bulk which meant even though I was fasting I made sure that within the 8 hour window I was still consuming enough calories to help me grow but I also wanted the benefit of my body going into fat burning mode caused by the fasting. The plan was to use fat as energy because of fasting while gaining muscle from the calories I consumed during the 8 hour feeding window and resistance training.

My results were not too bad; you can read about my experiences the first time I tried intermittent fasting here. I feel that over time I started under eating because the longer I fasted the less I wanted to eat as much as I was eating before which made trying to lean bulk very difficult. I also feel I need to give fasting another go but this time with more discipline to make sure I get the full benefits of fasting. I saw this as an opportunity to try out Eat Stop Eat which is a book about the IF lifestyle.

Brad Pilon Author of Eat Stop Eat
This is brad Pilon the author of Eat Stop Eat. Its evident from this picture that he practices what he preaches

What is Eat Stop Eat?

So this guy Brad Pilon used to work in the fitness industry for a supplement company until he decided to quit and dedicate his life to finding out the truth about weight loss which led him to discovering the benefits of intermittent fasting (which is not a knew thing). In his journey to debunk fitness myths he got a post graduate degree and acquired knowledge about weight loss and fasting backed by real research. One of the myths he found out about was the claim that if you fast you go into starvation mode and your body starts burning your muscles for energy, through studies he found out that short term fasting (24 hours like he recommends) did not cause muscle wasting but in fact caused the body to start using fat as energy in the fasted state.

Basically most of the book Eat Stop Eat teaches you about all the false information you have been getting from the fitness and food industry, its educates you on some of the myths about weight loss and fasting by giving you facts acquired by university studies. It also gives you some possible reasons why you have been misled by the food and supplement industry for years.

eat stop eat intermittent fasting book

Eat Stop Eat is not a diet; it’s more of a lifestyle?

Like the lean gains method to intermittent fasting, the Eat Stop Eat Method is meant to make your life easier by giving you the benefits of a calorie restricted diet whilst giving you the choice to eat the way you want to thus making it easier for you to stick with intermittent fasting over the long run. Most “diets” fail not because they don’t work but because people find it difficult to stick to them because they require a complete lifestyle change and they are highly restricted in terms of calories and the type of foods people are allowed to consume.

Brad Pilon recommends that you fast for one or two 24 hour periods in a week for the best results while training using resistance training for 3 days a week in order to maintain lean muscle mass while shredding fat. He also claims it’s possible to even gain lean muscle mass while on Eat Stop Eat which is what I am hoping to get while I chip away at my body fat.

What are some of the benefits of intermittent fasting?

I will not go into the details for that you need to get an updated copy of Eat Stop Eat, but I am going to list some of the benefits:

·         Decreased bodyfat and bodyweight
·         Maintenance of skeletal muscle
·         Decreased blood glucose levels
·         Decreased insulin levels and increased insulin sensitivity
·         Increased lipolysis and fat oxidation
·         Increased glucagon levels
·         Increased growth hormone levels
·         Decreased food related stress
·         Increased norepinephrine and epinephrine levels

These are some of the health benefits of Eat Stop Eat and Brad has got studies and references to those studies to back his claims unlike many others in the fitness industry who use the words ‘research’ and ‘studies’ without actually sharing with us the studies they are talking about. Brad also has the ability to correctly interpret the information within those studies as he has formal education in nutrition (He went to graduate school to study Human Biology and Nutritional sciences).

What I look like now and my workout during Eat Stop Eat

I will still be using the Arnold Type Split but I will only be training each body part once a week instead of twice during my trial period of Eat Stop Eat to account for the decreased overall calories and days of fasting when I will not be working out. I plan to add a day of body weight training so that my total days of working out each week equal to 4.

So new workout will look like this:

Day 1 – Chest and Back
Day 2 – Legs
Day 3 – Fast
Day 4 – Shoulders and Arms
Day 5 – Whole Body Bodyweight Training
Day 6 – Fast
Day 7 – Rest Day

The workout program above is what my weeks will generally look like, I may swap the fasting, workout and rest days around to better fit my life. Also on the rest days I will be working out abs. 

Below is a video of my current condition to see how I look now at the beginning so it will serve as a before video. The rest of my body looks fine but my stomach has a bloated look here and abs are not looking good so I am hoping the fasting helps with that.

I will be posting progress updates in the next few weeks on how I am coping with Eat Stop Eat and the results I am getting so stay tuned to this blog.

Simple Tips to Lose Abnormal Body Fat

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Hey Guys Eugene here, today I am posting a guest post by Apoorv Yadav who recently started a fitness blog How to Build Muscles be sure to have a looksie at his blog.

Today one of the worlds most common health problems is obesity. Every fourth person is fat and the problem is spreading with so many myths and bad habits (well it depends on where in the world you are, some places are more affected then others). If you are in the same position and desperately want to lose abnormal fat and to change yourself, here are some ways to get rid of that stubborn fat and develop an attractive body encompassing physical fitness.

tips on eating healthy and losing abnormal fat in your body

Knowing what to eat

Your external body is a result of what you take in, so if you are regular in your meals and have a balanced diet, half of your problem is solved. It is essential to take vital nutrients in right proportions and in the correct time.

- To start with your fat loss program, you have to fix your meal timing. Remember a healthy breakfast is the first step towards your aim.You should eat 3 times a day; you need to staple this rule in your regime. Include a lot of veggies, fruits and fibrous food. Avoid junk food; they are only going to make you fatter.

- Eat in regular intervals and in small quantities as per your body’s requirement. God has gifted you juicy fruits and nutritious vegetables to eat, so please do not think of going for hunger strike, starving yourself is the worst thing you could do.

- Drink as much water as you can drink, liquids are excellent for your digestive system and skin. Start your day with glass of water; it helps you to flush waste and improves the flow of nutrients to all vital organs. Drink at least 10 to 15 glasses of water daily.  You will stay hydrated, you will stay fit.

- Avoid fast foods and junk foods; they are your biggest enemy. So enjoy healthy eating process but do not avoid it (it helps to have a cheat meal to help you stay sane and as a reward for good eating behavior) and do not overdo it.

eating healthy gives you a healthy body and helps you burn fat more
Healthy Food has never looked Better

Doing the right exercises

When you have decided your diet chart and are following it, you should simultaneously workout to burn existing fat in your body.

- Get up early in the morning, go for a walk for 10 minutes, then slowly jog for 4-5 minutes, slow down and walk for 10 minutes again. This is great exercise for burning fat as well as gaining peace of mind. The morning calmness is incomparable, and you should take full advantage of nature’s gift.

- If you are not into jogging, you can start your day with some simple yoga poses, breathing exercise and fat burning exercises. Regular practice of yoga is going to reduce your age signs as well as make your fit and flexible.

- In the evening you can do some aerobics, it would be fun, and you would lose calories. For exercise, you should first do some warm up exercise to reduce chances of injury during exercises. The slimming process includes fat burning and muscle building, so exercises should have both goals in mind.You should go for periodic circuit training like lunges, pushups, squats, pull ups for 3 sets constituting 15 repetitions each and 30 second planks (you go from one exercise to the next without a break, then take a short rest between sets and repeat all exercises again). This is a super fat burner which targets the entire body.

- Crunches followed by leg raises are excellent for build abs and burning abdominal fat.  You should perform 3 sets of each followed by one minute of skipping rope. This will help you burn fat faster to reveal your hard earned abs.

Staying motivated is one of the key points for slimming down. You should accept yourself and work hard to make yourself look better. Motivation will help you to follow daily routine, and you would get quicker results in losing abnormal fat. Lastly, LOVE YOURSELF because nobody can be YOU.

Click here to know more about bodybuilding, health and weight related information.

Travel Fitness Tips - How to not let traveling interfere with your fitness routine

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Hey guys I do not travel a lot so I got someone who knows a little about traveling and fitness to share some tips with you today. Mike Manning will share tips on how you can stay fit even when you are traveling...

Probably one of the most overlooked aspects of traveling is the effect it may have on your fitness routine. The many temptations offered on a typical trip can throw you off of your rhythm, making it that much harder to resume a healthy lifestyle when you return from your trip. Here are a few ways to break that tendency and maintain your physical fitness level.

travel fitness tips, don't let traveling interfere with your gym routine
Staying fit on the road

Research your hotel

Before you even leave on your trip, do some research first to find hotels that will make it easier for you to maintain your fitness. Many modern hotels now offer gyms, exercise equipment -- even fitness classes. On a recent trip to San Francisco I used a travel site called Gogobot in order to do my research on hotels, their prices, and their amenities. Here I was able to look at a list of San Francisco hotels and could make sure I booked a hotel with a 24-hour gym. When you arrive, you should avail yourself of these opportunities.

If your hotel does not offer such facilities, there are still some ways to get in some needed exercise. For example, you could pack a set of dumbbell weights. Some travelers prefer resistance bands because they are much lighter and pack more easily.

Some hotels also have running or nature trails nearby. You could do some running, jogging, or hiking there. Do not forget to pack your running clothes and shoes. You should also inquire about the area to make sure it is safe. Keep in mind that some areas may be safe during the day but dangerous at night.


In addition to the trend of hotels offering fitness facilities, some airports have begun providing exercise options for their travelers. Some airports, like the San Francisco International Airport, now offer "Zen rooms" and other options. This gives you a great opportunity to use your time wisely if you have a layover.

Healthy eating

Probably one of the most difficult temptations for most travelers is the lure of exotic, and often poorly fattened food. You can prevent this by researching restaurants that cater to your individual dietary needs. Many restaurants offer special menus for such diners.

Also, be sure to control your portion sizes. Many restaurants give you much more food than it is healthy to eat in one sitting. Order smaller meals, or request a carryout box for any leftovers. These make great lunches for later.

Back home

Finally, be sure to get back into your normal routine as soon as you can. Habits are hard to form but easy to break. The sooner your resume your fitness regimen, the more likely it is you will maintain it upon returning home.

This post was written by Mike Manning, he is into the outdoors, he likes hiking, weight training, cooking, camping, running and travelling the world and exploring nature so be sure to check out his blog http://mikemanningmusings.blogspot.com/ for more cool tips of health and fitness.

Photo by nuttakit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Interview with Sport Scientist Andreas Heller

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Whats up guys! Today I have decided to do something a little different and do an interview with a blogger friend of mine, sport scientist Andreas Heller. Andreas is a very cool and well informed guy about fitness and I just wanted him to share what got him started in the fitness, also he has a couple of books out and recently translated and published an English version of his book the LLA method, I wanted him to share what the book was about and his reason for writing this awesome resource.

Sports Scientist Andreas Heller looking pumped up after a great workout
Sport Scientist Andreas Heller high on endorphins after a great workout session

When did you begin living the fitness lifestyle?

– Actually, it all started when I was 13 years old. I was a chubby kid back in the day and one day I was rejected by a girl because I was too fat (true story)…afterward I started with doing some workouts and sports but everything was very unspecific and, seen from today, I had no idea what I was doing, but anyway I just did something (proved to me that doing anything still works better than doing nothing at all). The serious stuff started 9 years ago when I begun studying sport science. As I had to learn about physiology, bio-mechanics and other stuff my knowledge grew fast and I had to do sports every day for 4 years. Since my graduation I've read as much as I can (studies, books, blogs etc.) about fitness and nutrition to gather information in my head. Ever since I've worked out inconsequently caused by various injuries and illnesses (always 4-6 months of training followed by 2-3 months of doing nothing). Since July 2012 I work out consistently (and consistency is definitely the key to success).

What keeps you motivated?

– I always wanted to become kind of “superhuman” and this time I use my blog and several social interactions with my friends in real life and at G+ to keep me motivated. My will is stronger than ever. Regarding nutrition there is one more key motivation driver for me. My mother is diabetic type II and I’m always searching for diet advice that could help her living a good life without drugs.

What would you say is your preferred style of training (e.g bodyweight training, kettle bell training, cross fit etc.) and Why?

– I really love bodyweight training because it can be performed almost everywhere. But I’m also a big fan of variety in training, so, personally, I like to mix everything for the best results possible.
4. If you could only do 3 exercises which exercises would you choose and why would you choose them?
– Right now, I have to say that my favorite exercise is handstand push-ups, but to be honest I wouldn't consider doing them when I could only do 3 exercises because they are a bit too focused on shoulder and arm muscles. I would rather do squats (any kind), pull ups and kettlebell swings. Squats, because your legs have to carry you wherever you want to go and also because squats strongly promote the release of growth hormones. Pull ups, because they work your upper body very well and a strong back and broad shoulders can prevent common injuries very well…additionally they just look pretty cool. Finally kettlebell swings, because you can use them as cardio and as strength training at the same time. They include your whole body and they improve your rear kinetic chain, which is pretty often a weak body part because of our “sitting” culture.

Your favourite motivational quote?

 You have only one life. Live it well!

You have a degree in Sports Science, tell us what your job as a sports scientist is?

– Actually, I’d worked as a personal trainer ‘till the end of 2009. Since then I work as a real estate agent, but I still dedicate all of my free time to fitness and nutrition topics. I plan to come back to the fitness industry in the next few months.

Okay I know that you have written a fitness book (The LLA Method), tell us a little about the LLA Method and who you think would benefit from reading it?

 – I always thought about writing a book about fitness and nutrition one day because I've seen so many overweight people around me who really suffer from bad health conditions or who lack self-confidence and I wanted to share my knowledge with them so that they can improve their lives. Last summer (2012) I finally started to write down some basic stuff about nutrition and fitness training that I believe could help many people to start a better life (not only the overweight ones). I separated both topics and published two easy understandable ebooks in German first. To reach a wider community I translated the cardio and strength book in English and I’m currently working on the translation of the nutrition book as well (I hope I can release it by the end of the year).

If anyone would like to find your stuff where should they go?

Of course, you can find a lot of content regarding fitness and nutrition at my blog (www.andisfitnessblog.com). My ebooks are available at amazon exclusively (The LLA-Method - How to get really healthy, fit and sexy for a lifetime Part II: Strength and Cardio Training ) and you can find some guest articles that I've written at various websites (e.g. I contribute to HealthMeUp.com weekly).