Interview with Sport Scientist Andreas Heller

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Whats up guys! Today I have decided to do something a little different and do an interview with a blogger friend of mine, sport scientist Andreas Heller. Andreas is a very cool and well informed guy about fitness and I just wanted him to share what got him started in the fitness, also he has a couple of books out and recently translated and published an English version of his book the LLA method, I wanted him to share what the book was about and his reason for writing this awesome resource.

Sports Scientist Andreas Heller looking pumped up after a great workout
Sport Scientist Andreas Heller high on endorphins after a great workout session

When did you begin living the fitness lifestyle?

– Actually, it all started when I was 13 years old. I was a chubby kid back in the day and one day I was rejected by a girl because I was too fat (true story)…afterward I started with doing some workouts and sports but everything was very unspecific and, seen from today, I had no idea what I was doing, but anyway I just did something (proved to me that doing anything still works better than doing nothing at all). The serious stuff started 9 years ago when I begun studying sport science. As I had to learn about physiology, bio-mechanics and other stuff my knowledge grew fast and I had to do sports every day for 4 years. Since my graduation I've read as much as I can (studies, books, blogs etc.) about fitness and nutrition to gather information in my head. Ever since I've worked out inconsequently caused by various injuries and illnesses (always 4-6 months of training followed by 2-3 months of doing nothing). Since July 2012 I work out consistently (and consistency is definitely the key to success).

What keeps you motivated?

– I always wanted to become kind of “superhuman” and this time I use my blog and several social interactions with my friends in real life and at G+ to keep me motivated. My will is stronger than ever. Regarding nutrition there is one more key motivation driver for me. My mother is diabetic type II and I’m always searching for diet advice that could help her living a good life without drugs.

What would you say is your preferred style of training (e.g bodyweight training, kettle bell training, cross fit etc.) and Why?

– I really love bodyweight training because it can be performed almost everywhere. But I’m also a big fan of variety in training, so, personally, I like to mix everything for the best results possible.
4. If you could only do 3 exercises which exercises would you choose and why would you choose them?
– Right now, I have to say that my favorite exercise is handstand push-ups, but to be honest I wouldn't consider doing them when I could only do 3 exercises because they are a bit too focused on shoulder and arm muscles. I would rather do squats (any kind), pull ups and kettlebell swings. Squats, because your legs have to carry you wherever you want to go and also because squats strongly promote the release of growth hormones. Pull ups, because they work your upper body very well and a strong back and broad shoulders can prevent common injuries very well…additionally they just look pretty cool. Finally kettlebell swings, because you can use them as cardio and as strength training at the same time. They include your whole body and they improve your rear kinetic chain, which is pretty often a weak body part because of our “sitting” culture.

Your favourite motivational quote?

 You have only one life. Live it well!

You have a degree in Sports Science, tell us what your job as a sports scientist is?

– Actually, I’d worked as a personal trainer ‘till the end of 2009. Since then I work as a real estate agent, but I still dedicate all of my free time to fitness and nutrition topics. I plan to come back to the fitness industry in the next few months.

Okay I know that you have written a fitness book (The LLA Method), tell us a little about the LLA Method and who you think would benefit from reading it?

 – I always thought about writing a book about fitness and nutrition one day because I've seen so many overweight people around me who really suffer from bad health conditions or who lack self-confidence and I wanted to share my knowledge with them so that they can improve their lives. Last summer (2012) I finally started to write down some basic stuff about nutrition and fitness training that I believe could help many people to start a better life (not only the overweight ones). I separated both topics and published two easy understandable ebooks in German first. To reach a wider community I translated the cardio and strength book in English and I’m currently working on the translation of the nutrition book as well (I hope I can release it by the end of the year).

If anyone would like to find your stuff where should they go?

Of course, you can find a lot of content regarding fitness and nutrition at my blog ( My ebooks are available at amazon exclusively (The LLA-Method - How to get really healthy, fit and sexy for a lifetime Part II: Strength and Cardio Training ) and you can find some guest articles that I've written at various websites (e.g. I contribute to weekly).

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