Why You Should Get Adjustable Dumbbells for Home Training

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I love bodyweight exercises, if you do them right, consistently  and you progress from easy to difficult bodyweight training routines and you do enough reps and sets per workout you should be able to get a great body but if you can afford a set of dumbbells then I suggest you buy them to support your calisthenics workout routine.  A set of 10kg (22lbs) dumbbells should be enough to start off with (you could start off by buying a heavier set if you can afford it) and it should be able to help you build muscles easier.  Some muscles are harder to target with just bodyweight exercises an example of this is your biceps even though you can get your biceps to grow using bodyweight exercises, training biceps using dumbbell curls is the best way to train them and the easiest way to make them grow.

why you should buy adjustable dumbbells
20kg (44lbs) set of adjustable dumbbells

Reasons to get adjustable dumbbells:

- The first thing is that adjustable dumbbells are affordable, you can get a 40lbs dumbbell set for only $50 and there is always a set on special so you can get a set of 40lbs dumbbells for only $25 or even less on Amazon ( 40 lbs, 50 lbs, 60 lbs Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbells! The #1 on market (40 LB))  if you look in the right place.

- The other cool thing about adjustable dumbbells is that they are great for progressive training in that you could start off lifting light then add plates to your bar to make the weight you are lifting heavier as your strength grows and you progress. This way, as you gain strength you add more plates so that you continue challenging yourself in order to keep gaining muscle. One way of increasing weight using a set of adjustable dumbbells is to take out plates from one dumbbell and add them to the other so that instead of say curling only 22lbs you could be curling 40lbs with one arm. The other option would be to buy the weight plates at a later stage so that you could lift a heavier weight simultaneously with both arms, that’s what’s so cool about adjustable dumbbells you don’t need to buy a new set if you get used to the weight, you just buy more plates. You don’t always have to add plates to get more from your dumbbells; the other way to get more out of your dumbbells is to do more reps.

- If you have a sister, girlfriend or wife who is also into fitness and weight lifting they can also use your dumbbells, many girls will find a 22lbs dumbbell too heavy for them so they can take of  a couple of plates on each side and until the dumbbell is a weight they can manage with good form.

- For the same price or even for less than you would get 2kg (4.4lbs) whey protein you will get a set of dumbbells that you will have forever. You only pay once for the dumbbells but you will probably have to pay monthly for the whey protein. If you are training at home, you get more out of buying a set of adjustable dumbbells than you get from buying whey protein or any other supplement for that matter.

Be smart; think about what gives you the best value for money. If you can afford to buy dumbbells for home training buy them, if you can’t afford them now but you can save a little money each month then save up and buy them...you will not regret it unless you stop using them. Even if you have a gym membership it doesn't hurt to have a set of dumbbells in your room for when you can’t make it to the gym, they make it easier to maintain your muscle or even build more muscle when you don’t have time to travel to the gym but you do have time for a workout.

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