What to eat for breakfast when you are bulking?

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I got this question on my tumblr a few days ago so I thought I would answer it here as well. Bulking is a major concern of skinny guys wanting to get bigger or just any person who wants to increase their muscle size in general; eating is a very important part of the bulking process. While eating is very important what you eat is even more important. If you eat healthy food you will get better results from your bulk then if you were to eat junk food during your bulk. So before you start bulking you have to think about your goals, do you want to get bigger slower so that you pick up less fat? or do you want to bulk up faster but pick up more fat than the clean bulk and then cut down when you feel you have gained enough size?

Bulking is a calories game

eating like a king at breakfast for size/bulking
This is something a normal person would eat for breakfast, its great but not enough.

It’s all about the calories but before you can start thinking about eating a whole bunch of calories you have to calculate how many calories you are currently eating to maintain your current body then from there calculate how much you want to add to those calories in order to gain mass. As long as you are in a caloric surplus you will gain mass and the opposite is true. You cannot copy someone else and eat as much as them for example you cannot be eating like an Olympia competitor, those guys are huge and they are on juice so they require more calories to maintain their monstrous size, if you were to try and eat double the calories you eat now (say you were eating 2000 calories a day and are now increasing it to 4000), not only would you find it difficult to consume that many calories but you would also get really fat which is not the desired effect. To gain some size just work out consistently at least 3 times a week and then increase your calories by about 500 calories a day so that if you were eating 2000 calories or if your maintenance was 2000 calories then your bulking calories would be 2500 calories.

Don’t be shy, have a big breakfast

What you eat at breakfast does not matter that much if it gives you the macros you need to meet your caloric targets. Breakfast is 1 of 3 main meals so you are going to be consuming a lot of calories here to start off your day especially if you had a fasted workout just before breakfast. I know some people don’t like big meals at breakfast because they want to feel light or whatever, but eating big at breakfast is not a bad idea, just think about it, whatever you eat will be used up throughout the day especially if you an active person. Some good meals to start the day off with are a couple bowls of cereal because you need those carbs for instant energy for example oats make a good breakfast meal  ½ cup  of oats is 150 calories, check the label of other cereals and see how many calories you get per serving. You can have 4-6 eggs(depending on how many calories you need that day) to get your fats and protein in, some people like eating egg whites and not the whole egg but you are bulking and its breakfast you could use the extra calories. A large egg has about 72 calories. Now because you are bulking you will have the eggs and cereal. If you were to have 4 eggs that would be 432 calories from the eggs (this is for boiled eggs) and if you had 1 cup of oatmeal that would be 300 calories, if you add the 4 eggs and the cup of oats together you get about 732 calories from breakfast, could be more depending on how you prepared you eggs and what you put in your oats since lots of people don’t eat plain oats. Oh and add some slices of whole wheat bread and that breakfast is hitting a 1000 calories.

muesli raisins and oatmeal good healthy breakfast for bulking

How many bowls of cereal you have and the number of eggs you eat will depend on the number of meals you will be having, if you plan to have 5 meals a day that means you can divide the calories evenly between the meals or you can do what I do if I am bulking which is, I do not change the calories of my main meals breakfast, lunch and supper, I just add the bulking calories as snack meals between breakfast and lunch and lunch and supper (so if I were increasing my calories by 500 I would add two 250 calories snack meals to my normal eating plan).

You could also just increase the calories in your 3 main meals but that is harder I think, like if you are bulking with 3000 calories a day, dividing that up between 3 meals of 1000 calories.

Anyways those were just my thoughts on making bulking easier for you, don’t over think it. Breakfast is the meal that needs the least thinking. I gave you the number of calories in eggs and oats to give you some perspective of how much you should be eating to meet your caloric target per day because most people think they are eating a lot when in fact they are not especially if you are having your meals with water or a mug of coffee which fills up your tummy. My food choices are boring and easy to make if you have time you could get creative and even make yourself some protein pancakes if you are a pancake person.

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