The Gym – where you get out what you put in

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I was watching an awesome bodybuilding motivation video with epic clips and great inspirational speeches to go with the clips and the main focus of that video was to tell you why the gym lifestyle is the best life style, why going to the gym and drinking protein shakes was better than clubbing and drinking beer. What I got from watching that video was the gym life is awesome, it’s the best even if I am not an extremist (as I think going to the club every now and then is good for you and drinking the occasional beer won’t hurt much if you don’t make it a regular thing) but most importantly what I got out of watching that video was that you get out what you put in at the gym, unlike other things in life where things are unfair and people lie to you, the iron never lies to you, 200lbs will always be 200lbs.

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So if you want to grow and get stronger it’s up to you to increase those numbers, nobody is going to lie to you and tell you that you are working hard enough, you will know if you are working hard enough, if you are pushing yourself hard enough. If your numbers are not going up and you are still lifting light weights after lifting for a while that’s on you, you are the one lying to yourself saying you are putting in your all, that iron never lies if you are lifting 132lbs (60kg) it will not magically become 220lbs (100kg), you have to make an effort each week to increase that number from 132lbs to 220lbs and beyond. You’ve got to have a plan, be consistent and never stop pushing yourself. Keep going forward, as long as you are going forward you are making progress, it may take you a while to get to that 220lbs lift, but you will get there even it means increasing that weight by only 5lbs per week. That little progress adds ups.

Check out this Epic Gym Motivation Video:

The effort you put into gym is directly proportional to the results you get, don't stop, don't give up but most of all don't lie to should really give it your all don't curl 22lbs (10kg) dumbbells and say you gave it your all when you could have curled double that if you tried. Do not compare yourself with others, some may get results faster than you but that doesn't matter because you are on your own journey and if you put in the effort and you are consistent you will get results. At first what you don't see in muscle gain, you will see in strength gain, you will know if you are moving forward, you will know if you are improving. Be patient, your masterpiece will be completed. 

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