Push Pull Legs Workout Split - Pull Day

16:00 Fitness 2021 0 Comments

In December we were training using a bro split 5 times per week, taking the weekends off, this month we decided to change things up by changing our workout split to a push, pull, legs workout split repeated two times per week so that each bodypart would get worked out twice per week and we only have 1 rest day on a Sunday. If you read a lot of fitness forums and blogs (youtube fitness channels) you will often read/hear about how natural lifters should work out each muscle group more than once a week to get the best gains, so I figured since I was bulking I should give this push, pull, legs workout split a try. Also, earlier last year I did an Arnold workout split, which is a similar type of split in that it combines several muscle groups per day and each day is repeated twice weekly so that you are hitting each muscle group more than once per week.

Watch the pull day video I recorded earlier this week:


We do about 4 sets per exercise, starting from a light to relatively heavy weight. I like to end with a heavy weight because I feel heavy lifting gives you the most growth, that's when I start to really feel the effect of the weight. If you don't push yourself you will not grow. Yes form is important that is why I start with lighter weights, but the form tends to get worse as the weight increases. As long as I am not working out in a way that will injure me I will always try to lift more weight, the more I get used to it the better my form, then I will increase the weight again (that's just how I train).

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Gym Closed - Training must go on (part I - back and legs)

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Happy new year everyone, I hope you enjoyed yourselves in the last couple of weeks. Its that time of the year again when new years resolution gym members flood gyms, lets hope that a few of them catch the gym bug and it becomes their lifestyle. I haven't been to gym in a couple weeks because the gym I go to has been closed since the 24th and it will only be open on Monday. Being the fitness addict that I am this has been driving me crazy, I get depressed if I do not workout for an extended period of time so I decided to do some workouts at home to keep me sane and busy. I love home workouts but its not the same as lifting in the gym, it does not give me the same feeling that lifting heavy weight gives me. And I was making good progress before this forced break, gaining strength weekly (improving all my lifts weekly).

The workout I am sharing today is a back and legs workout I do with the assistance of two 10 kg (22 lbs) dumbbells. 3 out of 4 of the exercises I will share in this workout video can be done with bodyweight, I just add the weights for extra resistance.  I am comfortable doing pull-ups/chin-ups with my own bodyweight (about 176 lbs [80 kg]) so adding 44 lbs[20 kg] to my own bodyweight means that I am lifting about 220 lbs [100 kg] which is a better workout for me.

Watch the workout video below and try it out next time you can't make it to the gym, you will see that I make use of what I have in this video e.g I don't have a pull up bar or a horizontal bar high enough to hang on so I find a branch on a tree to do my pull ups.

I forgot to do calf raises today also using the dumbbells, usually I do them for high reps of 20+ but I can add the exercise to another days exercises. I am going to make a Part II very soon showing my workout for chest and arms so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, or add me to your circles on Google Plus.