Working out during the festive season & new years resolutions

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Hey guys I hope you are having an awesome festive season so far. A few days back it was Christmas and I'm sure many of you enjoyed the festive treats. Lots of people are going to gain weight (fat) during the festive season and are going to try and work it off at the beginning of next year. Losing weight and getting in shape is going to be many people's new years resolution and most will fail to do so but the dedicated few will get in shape or get back in shape.

Some people who workout regularly slack off during the festive season and end up gaining lots of bad weight and getting out of shape, my approach to the festive season is to use it to bulk up and treat is as any other time of the year in terms of my workout schedule (oh in fact I workout more during the festive season since I have more time since I am not busy with school).  My gym closes around Christmas till the start of the following year, although this sucks for me, I still find a way to workout at home using body-weight exercises and dumbbells because its important for me to maintain or even improve my physique even when its the festive. Just because its the festive season it does not mean your workouts have to stop. You can still eat the festive treats and work them off at the gym or even include them when you are counting your daily calories.

Below are pics I took yesterday showing how I currently look, I have not gained any weight and yet I seem more muscular and ripped. 

staying in shape this festive season Eugene Madondo
A healthy attitude is contagious but don't wait to catch it from others. be a carrier.

staying in shape during festive season- african muscle 6 pack abs

staying in shape during the festive season - eugene madondo african fitness

If you want to stay in shape during the festive you can do it as long as you continue training, watch how much you eat and maintain discipline. If you fail to maintain your regular routine during the festive season or even if you want to begin the new year by getting in shape you can also do that as long as you put your mind into it and you don't give up. As Tom Stoppard said "a healthy attitude is contagious but don't wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier" I wish you all a happy festive season and best of luck with your goals in 2015.

The Best Fitness Channels on Youtube

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Hey guys I love everything fitness related hey, when I have time I live fitness, I read about fitness and I watch fitness videos on YouTube the whole day. There are just so many fitness channels out there it may take you a while to find great quality channels which provide the information that you need. I for one follow different types of fitness channels from from calisthenics channels to regular Joe's like myself trying to achieve their dream physiques to fitness models and pro bodybuilders channels. Today I am going to share some of my favourite channels that I follow, these are mostly bodybuilding channels if you are interested in fitness channels which deal more with calisthenics (bodyweight exercises) click here.



In my opinion fit media channel is the best fitness channel on YouTube. They have great quality videos and they feature the top guys in fitness from around the world regularly. They also feature new comers in the fitness industry and they follow their progress and update us on their achievements throughout the year. I like the format of this channel and they post video's regularly so there is always new videos to watch.


This channel has great motivational videos from athletes sponsored by Body Engineers. And it has workout and dieting tips and workout videos from top fitness guy Tavi Castro (they also share his inspirational story which you can watch in the video below. Body Engineers does not upload weekly but when they do upload something its usually really great quality.


This channel is updated regularly and offers some of the best fitness advice on the internet. If you are looking for some no bullshit truth then this is the channel for you.


When it comes to quality of videos this channel is the best. This channel uses a short documentary style in its videos and videos are hardly uploaded but I recommend that you watch all the videos on this channel (all 6 of them) and you will be inspired to pump some iron.

Frank Yang

This channel is not your usual fitness channel it entertaining to follow because the creator of the channel is crazy in an entertaining way. Just watch these videos below.


The host of this channel Chris Jones is awesome and his personality makes his channel stand out, also he knows what he is talking about and uploads videos regularly talking about everything fitness related. You will not have a shortage of videos to watch on any fitness topic on this channel.


Elliot Hulse offers some of the best advice on lifting and life in general, his channel is unique from other fitness channel because of his personality and the way he approaches or looks at things fitness or otherwise. Take a look at these vids below they will explain what I mean better than my words can.

There are plenty of other great fitness channels out there, these are just some of my favourite ones, check them out and see if they are not the kind of thing you are looking for. These channels have lots of followers so I am sure some of you already follow these channels. Please don't spend too much time watching fitness channels, the most important thing is to actually go out there and use knowledge you have gained or use the motivation you gain from watching these videos to push yourself harder in the gym so that you achieve your fitness goals.

Ripped Abs In December - Progress Update

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Hey guys, Its been a while since I last posted here. The last progress update I wrote was in July when I had lost about 10kg (20lbs) from Jan to June. I got back into full time gym and I started gaining my mass back in June and I shared how I was doing it here. I managed to gain back  about 4 kg (8.8lbs) in about a month between June and July. I then went back to school in the later half of July, back to living by myself and cooking for myself. I had planned to workout as often as I could, my aim being at least 3 times a week. I had planned to gain all of the mass I had lost and document it but that was not possible as I was very busy until now. I am going to share what happened from July until November and where I'm at now in terms of weight loss/gain.

eugene madondo ripped december 2014
How I look this december

So what happened from July till now?

Take a look at the picture above, that is how I look now in december. I was not able to gain more weight so I am around the same weight I was in July which is 75kg (165lbs). I am disappointed that I was not able to gain more weight but I am glad I was able to maintain my gains from June. I went to the gym as often as I could, at most I went to gym 3 times a week and there were weeks where I was really busy and I could not go to gym for a week or two but I would get back into regular gym sessions soon after that. I have noticed that most of my mass loss was from my legs and it has been really difficult to gain it back without regular leg training sessions, my pants still don't fit me right.

Eugene Madondo december progress looking ripped

My goal in December and January is to go back to gym full time and try to gain back my mass so I go back to my original size of about 80kg (176lbs), and I want to gain back my leg size from before so that my pants fit me again, I have a really tiny waist at the moment (32 inch pants don't fit me). I will keep you guys updated on my progress in the next few weeks, you can expect workout vids, motivational vids and posts on my diet and what supplements I am using (I'm currently only taking creatine monohydrate).