What Happens When You Lift Weights on a Low Calorie Diet?

14:05 Fitness 2021 0 Comments

Hey guys it’s been a while since I updated the blog. Today I want to share what I have been up to in the last 6 months in terms of training and nutrition. I can honestly say the past 6 months has been like two contrasting 3 month seasons. I started off eating really badly, I was basically surviving on a diet of bread, MacDonald’s, instant noodles, canned fish, peanut butter, oats, pies and oven baked foods (whatever I could grill in the oven for 20 minutes to eat with bread). When I was eating this way I was never really full so I had to eat a lot of it but I was never satisfied. I never seemed to be making any gains just maintaining.

v-taper from consistent training and low calorie diet
V-taper Johnny Bravo Physiques from consistent training and not eating that much.

If I ate say oats (with milk a sugar) in the morning (two bowls), peanut butter sandwiches during lunch (at least six slices of whole what low GI bread) and oven baked potato chips and say two portions of hake for supper with 6 slices of whole wheat low GI bread, I would not be full for me to feel okay I would have to add say two packets of 2 minute noodles a few hours after supper and maybe another packet between lunch and supper. I wasn’t gaining any weight eating this way, but at least I wasn’t losing any weight that’s what I told myself. My diet was not a balanced nor a healthy one, there was a clear lack of fruits and veggies in my diet, I would go to this vegetarian place for lunch a couple times a week to get myself a large vegetarian meal so that I wouldn’t feel guilty. I would also go to McDonalds, KFC or Steers a few times a week to get myself a medium meal there (I told you I was not eating very healthy). As I said before I wouldn’t gain any weight eating like this, I would just be maintaining.

side profile of results from consistent training and low calorie diet

results from consistent training and low calories diet

Then the second half of the last 6 months I decided that I would start eating properly and cooking real meals. I did not eat a lot just 3 times a day and sometimes 4 times a day. I would have oats in the morning, a pie and 3 samoosas or 6 slices of bread two portions of hake with baked potato chips then I would cook some stew or curry (chicken, lamb, beef with veggies) with brown rice or pap (made from maize meal). I would also sometimes buy bananas and apples to eat in between meals. I was still not eating enough to gain any significant weight (gained a kilo or two) but I felt full and I seemed to have more energy. I know how much I need to eat in order for my body to allow me to gain any weight, it’s probably double of what I have just described above because that’s how much I used to eat when I was 80kg and above.


 My diet may have been bad but I have been training consistently in the past 6 months, I found 2 new gym partners, one of whom stopped gyming after going back home for a week in April (have no idea what made him stop but I will try and convince him to come back to the gym).  We are still going hard with my other gym partner, we usually go to gym 5 times a week and we have been training one body part per day, doing 4 exercises for 3-4 sets of 10-12. We do not train abs to be honest. I am skinny but my shape has improved this year, or maybe I am just better at posing I don’t know. I am really lean and small around 72/73kg the last time I checked. Look at the picture at the top I seem to have a better v-taper shape than before, the back looks wider, which gives an appearance of being big when I am actually quite small.

v-taper from consistent training and low calorie diet

Anyways I just wanted to share what happened when I mixed consistent training and calories equal to or below maintenance calories. I will try and post a video and more blog posts. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and to read this update. Happy training!