Maintaining Your Weight Loss—Dealing with the Real Weight Loss Challenge

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Losing weight is a challenge. All of us know that. However, making sure that the lost weight remains lost is even harder than losing that weight in the first place. If you have already successfully lost weight, how do you make sure that you maintain your weight loss over the years and thus keep yourself safe from obesity?

This article will give you some practical advice from health and fitness experts working in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on maintaining weight loss. Read on to benefit from them.

5 tips on maintaining your weight loss

1. Always keep in mind the reason you want to lose weight

For as long as your motivation for losing weight is alive, you will always keep finding ways to maintain your weight loss. There has to be a set of reasons behind your weight loss routines for you to successfully stick to them. What good reasons can you have for weight loss? First of all, you need to lose weight to prevent obesity or overweight problems. Did you know that obesity kills? Not only does obesity affect one’s self-confidence and self-image, but it also affects one’s physical health. Those who are obese are most likely to suffer from chronic diseases such as heart problems, diabetes mellitus, and cancer. Maintaining a healthy weight also contributes to having a desirable body figure, which in turn boosts your morale. It is, therefore, in your body’s best interests that you keep the extra pounds off your body weight.

2. Always make sure to watch what you eat

It can be tempting to splurge on whatever dish or treat you crave for after you have given up on them for the sake of your weight loss diet. You might tell yourself that you can now feast on calorie-rich food because you have already achieved your desired weight. Be careful about such thought! Many individuals who have initially lost weight have found themselves gaining more pounds than they lost because of such thinking. So, to keep your extra pounds from finding their way back to your weight, make sure to stick to a diet plan that you know you can live with. If you have unrealistic diet plans, you will most likely fail to see that plan through for a year or more.

Fill your diet plan with healthful foods such as fruits and vegetables, keeping in mind the formula for a healthy plate. Experts say that a healthy plate is one with fruits and vegetables taking half of the serving and the other half equally divided between whole grains and good protein sources. As you know, fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, and a whole load of antioxidants that keep your body in excellent condition and your immune system ready to fight free radicals. Whole grains also contain a high level of dietary fiber, which does not only add to the bulk of your food but also helps regulate your blood cholesterol and pressure levels. Good protein sources such as fish, beans, dairy products, and chicken, can help promote healthy growth and development. Sticking to the formula for a healthy plate will thus minimize the likelihood of becoming overweight or obese as well as reduce the risk of developing chronic disease.

Some individuals have also found that taking organic products to help them maintain weight the healthy way is effective. Products containing fucoxanthin extracts have helped thousands of individuals achieve their weight management goals. However, a word of caution on such products is in order. Do not take any product without first consulting your doctor on the matter.

3. Stay physically active

Without any regular physical activity, your body cannot burn the calories you consume every day, no matter how healthy they may be. It is thus very important that you do not live a sedentary lifestyle so that you do not have weight management problems. If your concept of physical activity is simply flipping through your favorite television channels while bringing up food to your mouth, you have no hope of keeping your weight off. What kind of physical activities do fitness experts recommend that you take?

Experts say that activities such as walking, jogging, running, biking, swimming, and dancing, are great ways to maintain weight loss. How long should you engage in such activities in a day? 30 minutes of physical routines is sufficient in maintaining your body active and physically fit. Keep in mind that you do not have to exhaust yourself too much or strain your body beyond its limits for you to become physically fit. Unless you are training for the Olympics, you can keep your exercise moderate. Make sure that you choose to engage in physical activities that you enjoy so that you will not find yourself giving up on them.

4. Always monitor your habits

When it comes to maintaining weight loss, consistency of habits is the key. Without consistency, the chances are high that you will fail to keep your weight off. So, make sure to monitor your habits and the progress you are making in terms of weight management. If you observe that you are slipping back into an unhealthy lifestyle and starting to gain pounds, do everything that you can so you could get back on track immediately. Make the adjustments in your lifestyle that you think are necessary to weight management.

For instance, if you notice that you are more likely to eat unhealthy foods during travel, why don’t you make it a point to pack your food and bring it with you? In that way, you minimize the number of times when you have to feed yourself with unhealthy calories just because there seems to be no other food choice.

5. Get morale support

Taking on a challenge becomes easier to handle when you know that people around you are supportive of your goals than when no one is trying to encourage you.  So, make it a point to surround yourself with family and friends who are supportive of your fitness goals. Research proves that individuals who have supportive family members and friends are more successful in keeping their weight off than those who do not.

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