Epic Gym Motivation (for 2017) – the past, the present and the future of fitness

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I decided to put together a motivational video to inspire people just starting out or who haven’t started working out yet but are planning to start training in 2017. This video is also to motivate regular gym goers who are still aiming to reach their goal physiques. In this video I decided to include motivational clips of the people who inspired me when I first started training back in 2011, I also included people who inspire me in the present whose physiques I believe are the most aesthetic in the world, and I included some young guys in their early 20’s whom I believe have a bright future in the fitness industry and will take over from the legends I included at the beginning of the video. I used some clips from Fit Media Channel which is my favourite fitness YouTube channel which is regularly updated and produces quality videos which follow the progress of the guys that are featured on the channel. The guys featured on this channel become really successful after being featured. It’s like fitMedia channel has a good eye for fitness talent. This motivational video does not feature super big classic bodybuilding guys, or Olympia guys, it features guys with physiques that I believe are aesthetically pleasing and that is guys who are fitness models and compete in men’s physique and muscle model categories. That is the type of physique I myself would like to have am working towards.
best fitness motivation

In the video I use speeches by the Legendary Greg Plitt who sadly passed away about two years back because he was one of the most motivational figures in the fitness industry and I used to watch one of his videos every time before going to pump iron to get psyched to destroy those weights. I will write down some of the words in his speeches as I believe they are very powerful motivational quotes, that are worthy of being written down and printed out to be read to yourself every day when you wake up so that you are in a mind set to succeed every morning when you get up.

 Greg Plitt Success Quotes:

“I get asked a lot, what is the secret of achieving goals? How do you really quantate it? How do you put it down so every day you know if you going in that direction of success or maybe you’re altered? And people are like, “man! Is it your genetics? Is it your…potential?” Is it…you know when it comes down to it, success has nothing to do with potential, it’s all about the perseverance of somebody, that will override any endeavour. If you throw shit against the wall eventually something will stick. You guys that have this potential or don’t have this potential, you know that shit dies, what continues or lasts forever is the perseverance to always show up…that’s what champions do. Every single champion is the same as every ordinary person, the only differential it that they show up to the event every single day, they see failure as a learning curve, they welcome failure. You learn more from failure than you ever will from success.”   

“If you find a fear, the quickest, the easiest way you can beat it is initially, right when it comes in. If you allow it to sit, it will grow roots and start breaking you down, destroying the potential and person you can be. Again the champions guys, it’s not their potential, it’s not their genetics, it’s their perseverance to always show up, always willing to fail because in failure that’s a part of success. Success is not a marathon of life of just ups, success is formulated through failures. Through facing your fears, through falling down and getting back up. That’s what creates the champion. Success does not define us, we define the success.”

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Update: Slowly cutting fat, waiting for the abs to show

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At the beginning of this year I challenged myself to reach 90kg and then cut to a size where I would still look big but be lean. I did not reach 90kg but I reached 87kg from about  75kg which meant it was my biggest weight gain since 2011 when I started working out and gained 15kg in under a year. This gain in mass was due to the fact that I was able to consistently go to gym and I was able to consistantly eat above maintenance calories for a prolonged period with the aid of whey protein and mass gainer. I have been cutting now for the past few months, I started cutting when I reached a weight of 87kg (191 lbs). For a while my body seemed to want to stay around 84-85kg but since October I have drastically reduced the amount of food I eat and I do a lot of walking in and inclined environment.

Current weight and look

slow cutting waiting for 6 pack to show

working on our summer bodies
enjoying the perfect weather before the sun set in Camps Bay 

I am currently weighing 81kg (178lbs) but I do not look great yet, I was expecting to have visible abs at this point but abs have not come in yet. I have been doing a few abs exercises after every workout session. I do not like cardio but I am planning to add some steady state cardio probably 15-30min on a bicycle to see the effects. I plan to lean out and then start doing a slow bulk next year. The goal is to look as lean as the picture below then start slow bulking from that point, am hoping I do not have to lose that much more weight before I look like that again. I have not been drinking water aside from when I am in the gym so I should probably start drinking more water so that my body does not feel the need to retain so much water which is another contributing factor to how I currently look.

working on getting 6 pack abs
goal is to be this lean at a higher body weight

It's getting more difficult to lose weight now ( only lost 3kg in about 3 months) which is why I must add some cardio, because walking is not enough even if its more than 5km daily. I am not using any supplements at the moment and I am lifting the same weights I was when I was bulking, even making improvements with some exercises. My gym partner and I decided that for each exercise we do we must complete at least 30 reps and we usually start with a warm up set which we don't count towards the 30 reps then followed by our heaviest set and we decrease the weight per set as fatigue sets in e.g for the flat bench we would start with a 60kg warm up set followed by sets of 100kg, 90kg, & 80kg. It's up to you if you want to do 5 reps of 100kg, 12 reps of 90kg & 13 reps of 80kg or 10 reps for each of the weights as long as the total is 30 reps, and we always train a large muscle with a smaller muscle because of time constraints e.g. chest and triceps, back and biceps etc. We have noticed that training this way has enabled us to improve our lifts than training the way we did before where we would do 3 sets and on the heavy weight stop before getting to 10 which would lead to us not getting 30 reps in total for that specific exercise and we used to count the warm up set as part of our set even though lifting weights that you can easily lift without struggle shouldn't really count as part of your workout.

Hiking up Lions head in Cape Town for some weekend cardio

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In the previous post I mentioned I was a bit out of shape and was in need of a cut, but I did not post any pics as I had not taken any. I will post pics of how I look currently in this post. I have been doing a lot of walking of late 4km+ everyday but that has no effect even though its at an incline. My friends and I have made it our mission to do something fun each weekend and explore different parts of the city we call home. We are all trying into shape even though we have different fitness goals so most of the activities we plan include some form of cardio.

This past weekend we decided to go hiking up lions head, which was really fun and worth it because the view at the top is amazing. People travel from all over the world for that view, it seems unreal like a painting, the ocean looks so calm as if its not dangerous and there are no great white sharks circling around under the water.

cape town from lions head

flexing on lions head cape town

the bras and I goofing around on lions head cape town

We are planning to hike up devils peak next month and then table mountain after that, which I am really looking forward to. I may be running a 10K in a months time which will help my cutting process as training for that will require me to do cardio so that I can get back into shape. The cardio and regular gym attendance will have me in shape in no time.

5 reasons why I stopped bulking at 87kg (192lbs)

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So the last time I posted I was weighing 84kg (185lbs) and had just gotten mass gainer to help me reach my goal of reaching 90kg (198lbs) for my bulk before I started cutting. The short story is that in August I reached my highest weight ever of 87kg (192lbs) but could not continue beyond that point. The long story as to why I could not bulk beyond that point I shall explain below.

5 reasons why I stopped bulking at 87kg (192lbs)

Reasons I stopped bulking at 87kg

1. I was eating a tonne of food and protein powder in the form of mass gainer and I felt like it was not worth it to eat even more as I would only get fatter and not more muscular just to gain an extra 3kg.

2. Related to 1 above I was getting way too fat and not feeling like myself, putting on 12kg (26lbs) of weight in a short span of time will do that to you. I had not really been training abs since I was bulking even though I had planned to it din't happen so I was starting to get a bit of a pot belly which I did not like. 

3. My deadline for my bulk was up and even though I did not reach 90kg (198lbs) I was only 3kg (7lbs)short so I felt that mass gain was enough for now.

4. I started getting busy and did not have as much time to prep food and go to gym (which is also why I have been kind of quiet on the blog).

5. All my clothes were beginning not to fit me especially my pants most of which became skinny jeans, my slim fit stuff became tights. Some pants stopped fitting me altogether and some got torn. I had not budgeted for an increase in spending on food and getting a new set of clothes since I was not planning to stay that big for a long time. The only stuff that fit me properly were track suit pants and shorts.

After August I was not training as often as before and no longer using mass gainer so my caloric intake decreased as I was no longer officially bulking so my weight went down to a steady 85kg (187lbs) which has been consistent ever since but now I want to do cut, preferably a slow cut so I am reasonably defined with a proper six pack without being too lean.

I am using mass gainer and creatine monohydrate to help me gain 6kg in 5 weeks

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I have been bulking seriously now for just over 3 months and I have gained 9kg so far, I had set a deadline for myself to reach 90kg by August of 2016, there is just over 4 weeks left till August and I still have 6kg to go before I reach my goal. So in this final stretch I have bought USN Hyperbolic Mass Gainer to help me bulk up, to increase my caloric intake from 3000 to 4000 and above. I also bought some USN Creatine Monohydrate to help me with strength and stamina, and for muscle gains. I know that a small amount of the weight I gain will be actual muscle but I want to maximize the muscle gains by making sure I have effective workouts at gym, lifting as heavy as I can, breaking down those muscle fibers and growing bigger and stronger. As I said in the previous post I am also getting enough rest. I want to create the optimal conditions for my body to build muscle and to recover.

mass gaining supplements

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How 6 celebrities got into top shape for movies

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I was scouring the internet and I stumbled into this awesome YouTube video, sharing the fitspirational stories of 6 celebrities who got into tip top shape for their movies. I could write an entire article sharing their workout secrets but I reckon watching a video and actually hearing the workout secrets from the horses mouth is even better. The video shares the workout secrets of Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Wahlberg, Michael B. Jordan, Zac Efron, Gerard Butler, Will Smith.

Jake Gyllenhaal buff
Jake Gyllenhaal

mark wahlberg buff
Mark Wahlberg 

michael b jordan buff
Michael B. Jordan 

zac efron buff
Zac Efron 

gerard butler buff
Gerard Butler

will smith buff
will smith

I have gained 9kg (20lbs) in 3 months of bulking, 6kg (11lbs) to go

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(I have made a video of this post so if you prefer watching a video you can skip to the end)
Hey guys I started bulking in the second half of march this year, my goal was to gain as much mass as possible but ultimately my goal is to reach 90kg (198lbs) by August of this year. To kick start my bulk I bought USN Hardcore Whey gh and that helped me gain my first 5kg but after the first month I decided I going to stop using whey and bulk with just my diet, since then I have gained another 4kg. So I have progressed from 75kg to 84kg since the start of my bulk. I have 5 weeks to reach my goal of 90kg left and I am thinking of getting some whey and creatine to assist me in my bulk at this stage.

gaining 9kg in 3 months bulking

gained 9kg from 3 months bulking

gained 9kg from 3 months bulking

gained 20lbs from 3 months bulking

zulumuscle at 84kg, gained 9kg in 3 months

How I have been eating

I have been eating 4-5 times a day, 3000 or more calories a day even on rest days. My meals are large for lunch and supper, I have double servings at breakfeast (usually oats or weetbix) and I usually eat a snack between meals to help me eat over 3000 calories a day. I have started incorporating spinach and mushrooms, sweet potatoes, mixed veggies and yams into my meals in an attempt to eat healthier.

How I have been training

On average I work out 3 times a week so I started using a 3 day workout plan on day 1 I train back and biceps, day 2 its chest and triceps and day 3 its legs and shoulders. I alternate the workout days with rest days. I have not been doing any cardio as I am bulking.

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Bulking Results - 3 weeks, 3.5kg(7.7lbs)

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As I said in the last post I have started bulking seriously with the aid of USN Hardcore whey. I had been going to gym consistently in the 3 weeks after the post and eating above my maintenance calories everyday, of course the protein shake helped a lot in that regard with my caloric goals and my protein intake. I haven't been to gym this week because I got the flu after a stupid night where I went to the beach after midnight under dressed for the cold Atlantic Ocean current.

A month ago I weighed 75kg(165lbs) and after three weeks when I weighed myself again I had gained 3.5kg (7.7lbs) so I weighed 78.5kg(173lbs) last week, which I must say surprised me a little bit but I am happy with that result. Its now 4 weeks after that post and I have not weighed myself this week, hopefully the flu did not affect me that much.  I am going to post a pic of how I was looking last week, its not impressive as I have no abs, a little bloated, but its a work in progress towards and ultimate goal. Even though having abs is not my concern as I am bulking and not cutting I try to train them at least twice a week after my gym session.

3 week gains
3 week bulking progress/gains

Gaining weight up to 82kg(180lbs) I feel will be easy as that is the weight I was for about 2.5years give or take, its getting past that weight which will pose a problem but am am looking forward to that challenge.


Back to gym back to bulking phase

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I am back at gym now for about a month since mid-February, I was away from gym for almost 3 months from late November to mid Feb. I cannot really explain why I didn’t go to gym for that long, I guess its lack of motivation, mixed with extreme heat back at home which made me kind of lazy but I’m glad that I am back to gym on a regular basis now and have some motivated consistent gym partners to battle the iron with.

I was expecting to have lost weight since that is what usually happens when I take a break from lifting but to my surprise I have not lost weight and seem to have gained weight from the last time I weighed myself. Last week I weighed in at 75kg. Abs are almost non-existent though at this point but I am working on getting back into proper shape, I have made some good progress in the month I have been back to gym. My goal has been to mainly get my strength and stamina back, as whenever one takes a long break from gym, one also says bye-bye to strength, so I had to start again as if I were a beginner doing simple compound lifts.

usn hardcore whey protein shake & milk protein shake
Let the bulking continue

I have also recently started drinking USN Hardcore Whey protein to help with my protein intake and to serve as an extra meal to help me meet my caloric goals in order to gain mass. I bought French vanilla flavour which I might say tastes nice especially when you mix it with milk. I drink one serving before I go to gym and two servings after gym. The container says to mix with cold water but for taste and calories I mix it with milk, one serving of whey mixed with milk is about 304 calories and 35.5g of protein, so from my protein shake I get 912 calories and 106g of protein daily not too bad hey, this could easily help someone with an average 3 meal caloric intake on 2000 calories to reach the 3000 calories a day mark and above for bulking purposes.

The other reason I bought hardcore whey is because it has a crea-grow power stack and a testobolic z-mag stack which helps with stamina, strength, recovery and performance and because its whey it helps with gain mass. Did I say I really like this French vanilla flavour whey, I prefer it to the chocolate flavoured whey I tried before and couldn’t finish.

For breakfast depending on how much time I have I usually a couple bowls of cereal, or coffee and muffins or bacon & eggs with a few slices of brown bread. For lunch depending on where I am I usually have a chicken or beef wrap or if I had cereal for breakfast, for lunch I would have bacon/sausage and eggs with bread/chips (fries), then for supper I would have a big home cooked meal which I try and include veggies in always this may be a combination of many things for example pasta and mince, fish and pap (made from maize) etc. I drink a cup of coffee with every meal no matter how hot it is, what can I say I love my coffee. I have been using olive oil to cook to try and be healthier. I am lacking fruits in my current diet so I must add those as snacks in between meals. I will keep posting my progress and show you how my bulk is going.

3 of the Most Ripped, Jacked and Aesthetic WWE wrestlers and their workouts

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WWE may not be real like the UFC but the superstars there put a lot of work in to entertain us. In order for them to be successful and famous in the WWE they have to be in the best shape, better than the average person, they have to have a personality usually in the form of a villainous role or playing a hero so they stand out and win over fans or be despised by fans. It takes incredible physiques, and moves to be popular, today we are going to share  how three of the most ripped and aesthetic wrestlers got their physiques and how they maintain this incredible shape.

Randy Orton workout

Randy Orton most aesthetic wrestler physique

Firstly Randy Stretches before and after his workouts, stretching is an important part of his routine.

Randy Orton Weight training

DAY 1: Legs
superset Thigh Extensions w/ Leg Curls : 4 sets - 12-20 reps.
Box Squats : 5 sets - 12 reps.
Straight Leg DLs : 4 sets-10 reps.
Calve Raises : 10 sets - 8 - 15 reps

DAY 2: Chest
Incline BB Bench : 3 sets - 20 reps.
Incline DB Bench : 5 sets - 6 reps.
Flat Bench : 4 sets 8 - 12 reps
Cable Crossovers : 3 sets - 15 reps
every other week I do 10 sets of 10 pushups, with hands on a bench

DAY 3: Back
Pull downs : 3 sets - 20 reps
Seated Cable Rows : 3 sets - 12 reps.
T-Bar Rows : 3 sets - 10 reps
Bent Over Rows : 3 sets - 20 reps
Lower Back Ext. : 3 sets - 15 reps.
one set of pull-ups to failure

DAY 4 : Shoulders
Side Laterals : 3 sets - 15 reps
Front Laterals : 3 sets - 15 reps
Rear Laterals : 3 sets - 15 reps
Arnold Presses : 4 sets - 8 - 12 reps
Upright Rows : 3 sets - 8 - 12 reps

DAY 5 : Triceps + Biceps
Pushdowns : 3 sets - 20 reps
French Curls : 3 sets - 8-12 reps
Overhead Tri Ext : 3 sets - 8-12 reps
Close grip Pushdowns : 3 sets - 15 reps
Alt. DB Curls : 3sets - 10reps
Alt. DB Hammer Curls : 3 sets - 8 reps
BB Curls : 3 sets - 8 reps
Cable Curls : 3 sets - 8 reps

Randy orton lean aesthetic muscle

Randy Orton Cardio and Abs

 Treadmill at a slight incline for 30 minutes - 3 times a week

he trains abs 3-5 times a week. 

Randy Orton Diet : 

  • He eats limited amout of carbs from mostly potatoes, oatmeal and pancakes but consumes no carbs after 8pm
  • He tries to eat about 250g of protein a day (60% of protein from supplements), his other protein sources are egg whites, steak, fish, chicken and cottage cheese
  • Apparantly he likes eating sushi around 3 times a weak
  • He does not believe in eating junk food

Roman Reigns Workout

Roman Reigns Jacked Wrestler

In an interview with Tallahassee.com he said:

"My workouts are all about moving a lot weight very fast. I’m old school. I do squats, Olympic lifts and heavy compound movements. I’m not the guy, who is going to be flipping a log 50 times. I have always trained for explosion and it shows in the ring."

Roman Reigns 6 Diet Tips:

  1. know the right time to eat
  2. fight your sweet tooth
  3. take advantage of eating in
  4. cheat if it makes you happy
  5. ...But make up for it at the gym
  6. Find a balance
You can read the detailed tips on mensjournal.

Roman Reigns and daughter flexing biceps

Antonio Cesaro Workout

Tips from Antonio as seen on wwe.com:

Cesaro most jacked and strong wrestler
  1. "you never eat bad, you get in the habit of eating good."
  2. "go to the gym everyday and build a routine."
  3. "stick to basic exercises and do them well..."
  4. "do squats, dead-lifts and some kind of press. Base your  routine around those lifts." basically you focus on doing compound exercises.
  5. Have fun!

Cesaro Super Strong and aesthetic physique

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Why you should invest money in yourself to attain your fitness goals

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To be honest a lot of things that are fitness related are freely available on the internet through fitness blogs and YouTube videos, you do not really need to buy anything especially when it comes to fitness information. This is all great but the problem when it comes to free things is that we do not value them, and we don’t take things seriously. I shall give you some good reasons why you should invest your hard earned money in yourself to achieve your fitness goals.

invest in your fitness goals
old weights which are still useful

Four examples on why you should invest in your fitness goals.

 Example one – buying a fitness guide or book with a diet plan for different body types and a solid cardio plan and lifting plan

Information is freely available everywhere but most people are lazy to go about searching different sources of information for information having it in one book is advantageous, you can save money on diet plans from trainers, and workout plans and the fact that you have spent money on said book should motivate you even further to follow through especially if you worked hard for that cash, the more you need that extra money you spent on book the more you will want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Example two – you should invest in weights or a gym membership

If your goal is to get buff and not just to be fit and have a cut body then you should invest in weights or save up for a gym membership. I know many people do not have money but if it’s something you really want, you find a part time job or a way to make a little cash and you save up so you can afford a gym membership or weights, and when you do pay for those weights or gym membership you will be more motivated to use that membership/ weights because you know what you sacrificed in order to get those weights, laziness and excuses get you nowhere. Also how about you become more creative, if you are still saving up and don’t have weights, you can find resources around your house or neighbourhood to make make-shift homemade weights and use them in combination with bodyweight exercises to get in shape. You can even buy second hand weights and benches which is cheaper than buying them brand new. If you really want something you commit and invest in yourself, you don’t wait for a gym membership, you don’t wait until you have money.

Example three – investing in healthier foods and supplements

Some people say buying healthier food is expensive, and if you are bulking you have to eat a lot and have to spend more money on food and to make things easier you can buy supplements to help you with your gains. If you really want to attain you find a way to save money and buy that food you need, you buy those supplements even if it means you can’t afford to go out during the weekend with your friends or to buy beers that is okay because it’s a sacrifice you are willing to make to attain your goals, that sacrifice will make you work even harder so that you have something to show for it, so that you prove to yourself and to others that it is worth it and it was not for nothing. You will push even harder in the gym and be more dedicated.

Example four – buying gym attire

You do not need to buy new gym clothes, you can wear an old t-shirt, sweat pants to gym and old running shoes and you would be fine. But buying gym clothes is good for you psychologically, think of it this way when you buy gym clothes it’s like you are buying a uniform to fit into the gym community and to be a member you have to focus on your workouts and get that body that’s fitting of that uniform. You feel more confident when you are wearing cool gym clothes and you want to work towards a body that matches so you will work harder to make sure you get ripped. Also what is the point of buying all these fancy gym clothes if you don’t go to gym and if you don’t have a gym body or don’t plan on getting one, you have no option but to go to gym, work hard and succeed.

I use the term invest throughout this post because that is what you are doing when you are spending money on yourself to build yourself. People don’t like spending cash on themselves, but you are important and money should be spent on important things, spending money on your betterment is making a commitment to yourself, it saying you believe in yourself and you are willing to bet on yourself.

Before I forget the intermittent fasting guide Eat Stop Eat is on special this January so its only selling for $10 till the end of JAN, so if you are interested in a proven method to cut fat and lose weight check out eat stop eat here to see if it interests you or read my review here (the links to eat stop eat are affiliate links so if you do purchase the guide I will get a commission).

 Anyways that’s all I have to say for today, happy training everyone and be sure to subscribe to the blog via email and share this post on your preferred social network so that it can help someone invest in themselves.