Back to gym back to bulking phase

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I am back at gym now for about a month since mid-February, I was away from gym for almost 3 months from late November to mid Feb. I cannot really explain why I didn’t go to gym for that long, I guess its lack of motivation, mixed with extreme heat back at home which made me kind of lazy but I’m glad that I am back to gym on a regular basis now and have some motivated consistent gym partners to battle the iron with.

I was expecting to have lost weight since that is what usually happens when I take a break from lifting but to my surprise I have not lost weight and seem to have gained weight from the last time I weighed myself. Last week I weighed in at 75kg. Abs are almost non-existent though at this point but I am working on getting back into proper shape, I have made some good progress in the month I have been back to gym. My goal has been to mainly get my strength and stamina back, as whenever one takes a long break from gym, one also says bye-bye to strength, so I had to start again as if I were a beginner doing simple compound lifts.

usn hardcore whey protein shake & milk protein shake
Let the bulking continue

I have also recently started drinking USN Hardcore Whey protein to help with my protein intake and to serve as an extra meal to help me meet my caloric goals in order to gain mass. I bought French vanilla flavour which I might say tastes nice especially when you mix it with milk. I drink one serving before I go to gym and two servings after gym. The container says to mix with cold water but for taste and calories I mix it with milk, one serving of whey mixed with milk is about 304 calories and 35.5g of protein, so from my protein shake I get 912 calories and 106g of protein daily not too bad hey, this could easily help someone with an average 3 meal caloric intake on 2000 calories to reach the 3000 calories a day mark and above for bulking purposes.

The other reason I bought hardcore whey is because it has a crea-grow power stack and a testobolic z-mag stack which helps with stamina, strength, recovery and performance and because its whey it helps with gain mass. Did I say I really like this French vanilla flavour whey, I prefer it to the chocolate flavoured whey I tried before and couldn’t finish.

For breakfast depending on how much time I have I usually a couple bowls of cereal, or coffee and muffins or bacon & eggs with a few slices of brown bread. For lunch depending on where I am I usually have a chicken or beef wrap or if I had cereal for breakfast, for lunch I would have bacon/sausage and eggs with bread/chips (fries), then for supper I would have a big home cooked meal which I try and include veggies in always this may be a combination of many things for example pasta and mince, fish and pap (made from maize) etc. I drink a cup of coffee with every meal no matter how hot it is, what can I say I love my coffee. I have been using olive oil to cook to try and be healthier. I am lacking fruits in my current diet so I must add those as snacks in between meals. I will keep posting my progress and show you how my bulk is going.