Epic Gym Motivation (for 2017) – the past, the present and the future of fitness

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I decided to put together a motivational video to inspire people just starting out or who haven’t started working out yet but are planning to start training in 2017. This video is also to motivate regular gym goers who are still aiming to reach their goal physiques. In this video I decided to include motivational clips of the people who inspired me when I first started training back in 2011, I also included people who inspire me in the present whose physiques I believe are the most aesthetic in the world, and I included some young guys in their early 20’s whom I believe have a bright future in the fitness industry and will take over from the legends I included at the beginning of the video. I used some clips from Fit Media Channel which is my favourite fitness YouTube channel which is regularly updated and produces quality videos which follow the progress of the guys that are featured on the channel. The guys featured on this channel become really successful after being featured. It’s like fitMedia channel has a good eye for fitness talent. This motivational video does not feature super big classic bodybuilding guys, or Olympia guys, it features guys with physiques that I believe are aesthetically pleasing and that is guys who are fitness models and compete in men’s physique and muscle model categories. That is the type of physique I myself would like to have am working towards.
best fitness motivation

In the video I use speeches by the Legendary Greg Plitt who sadly passed away about two years back because he was one of the most motivational figures in the fitness industry and I used to watch one of his videos every time before going to pump iron to get psyched to destroy those weights. I will write down some of the words in his speeches as I believe they are very powerful motivational quotes, that are worthy of being written down and printed out to be read to yourself every day when you wake up so that you are in a mind set to succeed every morning when you get up.

 Greg Plitt Success Quotes:

“I get asked a lot, what is the secret of achieving goals? How do you really quantate it? How do you put it down so every day you know if you going in that direction of success or maybe you’re altered? And people are like, “man! Is it your genetics? Is it your…potential?” Is it…you know when it comes down to it, success has nothing to do with potential, it’s all about the perseverance of somebody, that will override any endeavour. If you throw shit against the wall eventually something will stick. You guys that have this potential or don’t have this potential, you know that shit dies, what continues or lasts forever is the perseverance to always show up…that’s what champions do. Every single champion is the same as every ordinary person, the only differential it that they show up to the event every single day, they see failure as a learning curve, they welcome failure. You learn more from failure than you ever will from success.”   

“If you find a fear, the quickest, the easiest way you can beat it is initially, right when it comes in. If you allow it to sit, it will grow roots and start breaking you down, destroying the potential and person you can be. Again the champions guys, it’s not their potential, it’s not their genetics, it’s their perseverance to always show up, always willing to fail because in failure that’s a part of success. Success is not a marathon of life of just ups, success is formulated through failures. Through facing your fears, through falling down and getting back up. That’s what creates the champion. Success does not define us, we define the success.”

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Update: Slowly cutting fat, waiting for the abs to show

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At the beginning of this year I challenged myself to reach 90kg and then cut to a size where I would still look big but be lean. I did not reach 90kg but I reached 87kg from about  75kg which meant it was my biggest weight gain since 2011 when I started working out and gained 15kg in under a year. This gain in mass was due to the fact that I was able to consistently go to gym and I was able to consistantly eat above maintenance calories for a prolonged period with the aid of whey protein and mass gainer. I have been cutting now for the past few months, I started cutting when I reached a weight of 87kg (191 lbs). For a while my body seemed to want to stay around 84-85kg but since October I have drastically reduced the amount of food I eat and I do a lot of walking in and inclined environment.

Current weight and look

slow cutting waiting for 6 pack to show

working on our summer bodies
enjoying the perfect weather before the sun set in Camps Bay 

I am currently weighing 81kg (178lbs) but I do not look great yet, I was expecting to have visible abs at this point but abs have not come in yet. I have been doing a few abs exercises after every workout session. I do not like cardio but I am planning to add some steady state cardio probably 15-30min on a bicycle to see the effects. I plan to lean out and then start doing a slow bulk next year. The goal is to look as lean as the picture below then start slow bulking from that point, am hoping I do not have to lose that much more weight before I look like that again. I have not been drinking water aside from when I am in the gym so I should probably start drinking more water so that my body does not feel the need to retain so much water which is another contributing factor to how I currently look.

working on getting 6 pack abs
goal is to be this lean at a higher body weight

It's getting more difficult to lose weight now ( only lost 3kg in about 3 months) which is why I must add some cardio, because walking is not enough even if its more than 5km daily. I am not using any supplements at the moment and I am lifting the same weights I was when I was bulking, even making improvements with some exercises. My gym partner and I decided that for each exercise we do we must complete at least 30 reps and we usually start with a warm up set which we don't count towards the 30 reps then followed by our heaviest set and we decrease the weight per set as fatigue sets in e.g for the flat bench we would start with a 60kg warm up set followed by sets of 100kg, 90kg, & 80kg. It's up to you if you want to do 5 reps of 100kg, 12 reps of 90kg & 13 reps of 80kg or 10 reps for each of the weights as long as the total is 30 reps, and we always train a large muscle with a smaller muscle because of time constraints e.g. chest and triceps, back and biceps etc. We have noticed that training this way has enabled us to improve our lifts than training the way we did before where we would do 3 sets and on the heavy weight stop before getting to 10 which would lead to us not getting 30 reps in total for that specific exercise and we used to count the warm up set as part of our set even though lifting weights that you can easily lift without struggle shouldn't really count as part of your workout.