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Testosterone defines men; it is that one thing that makes them masculine. Sometimes, those men who work out are in need of some extra testosterone in order to successfully exercise and get some results. There are also men who don’t have enough testosterone in their bodies, so they need more of this hormone in order to “function” properly. There are lots of ways to get additional supply of this hormone. Some men who have low T (low testosterone levels in their bodies) applies for the testosterone replacement therapy. Some men consume testosterone boosters, others do testosterone boosting workouts. But did you know that there lots of ways to increase your testosterone levels “naturally”? In this article, we will recommend some of the best testosterone boosters that you can find useful, be it an exercise or a type of food.

boost testosterone levels with intense exercise

Short intense exercises

Short intense exercise is known as one of the best testosterone boosters. Also, it can help you burn fat faster and it increases the amount of human growth hormone in your body. If you combine these exercises with intermittent fasting, you will get even better results. Intermittent fasting means that you are restricted to eating very little or not at all for 16-24 hours a day. If you do it as recommended, intermittent fasting will help you to lose weight and burn fat.  Also, intermittent fasting will help your body to produce more satiety hormones such as insulin, leptin, melanocortins and cholecystokinin. These hormones are known to increase libido and prevent further testosterone decline. The high-intensity training, when combined with intermittent fasting, is a winning combination. High-intensity training alone will help your body to burn sugar first. Then, in the next 36 hours, your body will start to burn fat. This kind of training will raise your levels of testosterone, it will increase your endurance and it will also help you to lose weight and achieve the desired figure.

Avoid Stress & get some good sleep

avoid stress and get good sleepBefore anything else, you should learn a bit about cortisol. This is a hormone that harms testosterone production in your body. When you are having a stress, your body releases cortisol and directly blocks the production of testosterone in your body for a short period of time. This means that people who experience chronic stress get their testosterone levels drastically decreased. If you want to keep your testosterone at normal levels, you need to keep cortisol in check, which means that you need to avoid stress.  When it comes to sleep, you should know that being fatigued and sleepy all the time affects your testosterone levels too.  This means that if you want your natural production of testosterone to be as it should, you should sleep at least 7 hours a day.

Consume Vitamin D

boost your testosterone by taking vitamin D supplementationVitamin D is quite important for human body and you can double that when it comes to men. It is responsible for the development of the sperm cells and it helps in maintaining your sperm count levels high. Vitamin D also boosts testosterone production and increases libido. There are lots of vitamin D supplements that you could take, but you should also consider sun exposure in reasonable measure. Safe tanning bed with electronic ballasts is a good alternative for getting some of that vitamin too.                    

Reasonable doses of proteins, fats and carbs can help too

Your diet also affects your testosterone levels. This means that you must always know what to eat and when to eat it. Protein is very helpful in this matter because it is crucial for your health, immune system and it also helps you lose weight. All of these are important for your testosterone levels, which mean that protein is indispensable for testosterone too. Carbs are necessary for your body to optimize testosterone levels during resistance training. When it comes to fat, recent research has shown that having a reasonable dose of it in your body is quite helpful too, so it is recommended to consume food that slightly increases fat levels but don’t harm your organism. After all, a healthy diet is the best testosterone booster that is easy to find.

Consume Zinc

It is scientifically proven that consuming zinc will increase the amounts of testosterone in your body. You can consume zinc through various pills, tablets, and powders, but the best source of zinc is food. You can find a lot of this mineral in meats, fish, raw milk, raw cheese, beans, and yogurt. Also, you should consider consuming vitamins A, C, and E who are also useful for testosterone production in your body.

Increase testosterone levels through strength training

strength training to increase testosterone

Strength training is also very efficient testosterone booster if you do it so intensely enough. If you want to boost your testosterone, you should increase the weight you lift and reduce the number of reps. When you slow down your movement, you are doing the high-intensity exercise(increases tension on your muscles compared to when you are rushing the movement) and increase the amount of testosterone in your body.

Control levels of sugar in your body

too much sugar is bad for you

When you eat a lot of sugar your testosterone levels start to decline. This is because sugar increases the insulin (above the recommended levels) in your body, which leads to testosterone deficiency. This means that you must pay attention to your diet. Eliminate unnecessary sweets and know that sugar is everywhere, even in grains and fruit, which means that you must watch out for “tricks and traps”.   

Trying these foods can help too

In order to simplify a process of gaining some extra testosterone, we have decided to develop a list of foods that you could find quite helpful. If you want to know how to start your “natural” testosterone boosting treatment, you could try with including some (or all) of these into your diet. 

Natural testosterone boosters

Spinach/Spring salad Mix

This one should be an indispensable part of your diet. It is not only because it boosts your testosterone levels, it is also because it contains zinc, which is indispensable for both testosterone and your health.

meat to boost T


There is no good workout without a good chunk of meat on your plate. Meat (beef in particular) contains protein which is necessary for your muscles. It also contains a reasonable dose of fats and cholesterol that are responsible for testosterone production.

nuts naturally boost T


These are recommended for you because there is selenium in them. Nuts also provide your cells with enough cholesterol that helps testosterone production. You should be wary not to consume these in large doses because having too much selenium in your body is not a good thing. 
broccoli on team testosterone

Unlike most of this list, broccoli doesn’t boost your T levels. It actually reduces the amounts of bad estrogen in your body that harms your testosterone levels.
Testosterone natural boosters

Olive Oil

 Who doesn’t like olive oil? It is tasty, healthy and available everywhere. Olive oil also “feeds” your Leydig cells (which produce testosterone) and helps them to absorb cholesterol better.

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Prof Tim Noakes Low-Carb High Fat Stone Age Type Banting Diet

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predeveloped world diet tim noakes banting

In South Africa Professor Tim Noakes has re-popularised (in his book The Real Meal Revolution) a low-carb high fat diet called the Banting Diet named after William Banting the creator of this diet even though I think it’s a type of diet consistent with what was eaten by people in the pre-development era when humans were still hunter gatherers for example the stone age, or the age when the Khoisan people roamed freely and undisturbed in Southern Africa. What differentiates the Banting diet from other low carb diets is that it restricts carbs and increases fat consumption while eating a moderate amount of protein. Apparently with this diet you can eat as much as you want as long as you are eating the right types of food, completely cutting out processed foods. This type of diet keeps you lean, and although you will be eating as much as you want, you will not eat that much as the types of food recommended on this diet are filling, also increased fat intake suppresses appetite.

This diet can be very expensive as you have to eat about 50/50 meat and vegetables and meat is very expensive (prices are increasing every year, inflation is crazy here in South Africa), the luxury with processed foods is that it’s cheap but it’s not good for you and makes you fat which is why the Banting diet cuts it and makes you eat like people used to in the Stone Age. The goal of the Banting Diet is to control your hunger by eating foods that keep you full for longer, so eating the types of foods that you can eat as much as you want (nutrient rich wholesome foods) without controlling portions but you still lose weight and stay lean. What this type of diet does is to make your body go into a state called ketosis, whereby your body starts using fats as energy instead of storing fat because you are not giving it enough carbs which is the body’s usual fuel system. You are forcing/tricking your body into burning fat for fuel which will allow you to get or stay lean.

The Types of food you will be eating if you want to go on a Tim Noakes/Banting Diet:

Free range eggs, fish, nuts (walnuts, almonds etc), Grassfed beef, full cream dairy products, leafy green vegetables, low sugar fruits, and you can drink sugar free coffee, green tea and water.

You have to say bye-bye to foods like this:

All processed foods which means, vegetable oils, artificial sweeteners found in diet drinks and fat-free, sugar-free products, white rice, potatoes, soft drinks, pastries etc.

The reason the diet is popular is because Prof Tim Noakes himself uses the diet himself and has shared his results so people are convinced of his diets effectiveness. He is overly restrictive on carbs for himself but says that others can have carbs in their diet but not a lot as they need to be restricted for this diet plan to work.

Having a super low carb diet can be very challenging to the average person as our daily meals are so carb intensive (whether processed or not). In a family setting the whole family would have to change the way it eats for this to work, the person who usually cooks has the power in whether this type of diet works or not. You would also have to do research on different low carb diets so that you do not eat the same stuff over and over again until you miss your old unhealthy habits. Oh you can buy the real meal revolution and get recipes from there, you could search online for lchf diets, there are many sites and facebook pages which share Banting style recipes.

tim noakes cook book
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You can click here for evidence in support of low carb, high fat diets. Follow the Prof on twitter to get updates on low carb dieting from the source.