7 fitness tips to stay fit when you have an office job

23:55 Fitness 2021 0 Comments

how to stay in shape working a desk job

If you have an office job it can be really hard staying fit and in shape especially when you don’t exercise, eat junk food and you drive everywhere. Nothing good comes from sitting in a chair all day and eating unhealthy food. When the weekend comes you are tired and just want to chill or go out with your friends or rest, leaving little or no time for gym. Here are some simple tips to stay in shape.

Quick tips to stay in shape

1. Eat healthier food – This can be done by preparing your own food to carry to work the night before or in the morning (e.g. making healthy sandwiches) or you can buy healthy sandwiches instead of oily junk food for lunch.

2. Consume less calories per day – if you don’t work out much try and not to eat a lot by decreasing your calories as you will not be burning many calories during the day, any excess calories above your maintenance calories will only be stored as fat in your body. A god place to start is calculating what your maintenance calories are and then keeping track of what you eat to make sure you are not eating more than you need. Eating healthier food helps decrease overall calories as healthy food keeps you full for longer.

3. Don’t drive to anyplace or take a taxi to any place where you can walk – this sort of laziness deprives you of burning those extra calories daily e.g. don’t drive to the tuck shop around the corner, just walk there and back during your lunch break, that will also save you some fuel.

4. Get a bicycle – this way you don’t drive where you can walk or cycle especially during weekends when you don’t have to go to work and need to make trips around your neighbourhood.

5. Catch up with your friends and play a game of rugby, soccer or another outdoor sport you may enjoy especially on a good summer day, that way you get to have fun and get some good cardio in. Or you and your friends can go hiking if you live in an area with a few mountain ranges.

6. Join a gym as close as possible to work so you can have a morning workout before your day starts, it may be easier than working out after work when you are tired from a long day.

7. Get some simple workout equipment such as a pull up bar, skipping rope and a set of 20kg dumbbells and workout at home every other day at night time for 30 to 45 minutes and during the weekend. There are a lot of workout combinations you could come up with or just watch a few YouTube videos to get some hints.

Following these simple tips can help you stay in shape or improve your current shape when you have a relatively sedentary life. A sedentary lifestyle combined with an unhealthy diet is a recipe for a potbelly. Once you get comfortable with being out of shape it’s hard to suddenly develop a desire to go to gym or start exercising. These tips will not make you ripped but they will help you stay in shape.