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About information and workouts

The workouts and other information on this blog are things that have worked for me and general fitness information, there is no guarantee that you will get the same result if you try them out. Everything on this blog is for informational purposes only, use the information at your own risk. The information on this blog is not meant to replace qualified medical expertise so please consult your doctor before trying out workouts and diets especially if you have health problems.

About Images

I do not claim copyright to images on this blog which are not images taken by me or images of me. Most have been downloaded from image searches (I download and keep them on my PC so by the time I use some pics I don't know where I originally found them), some are from other websites in which case there is a link pointing back to the site. If you are the owner of an image and would like for me to take it down or would like for me to attribute the picture if I have not already done so please contact me and will immediately remove the image or add attribution links.