Supplements I Use

14:23 Fitness 2021 0 Comments

On this page I will list all of the supplements I have used before and share my experiences with them or link to pages where I shared my results using those supplements. Please not that this page will have affiliate links which mean I will get a commission if you buy the product using my link. My favourite supplement and one I recommend you have at all times is Creatine Monohydrate, I have used two variations of creatine, the powder monohydrate and the pill form X4 ethly ester which is supposedly 4 times more effective and hence it's more expensive than the powdered variation (but I did not notice a difference between the two, they both work and had the same effect on me).

The other supplement I had great results with is USN Hardcore Whey gH which is part of the usn hardcore series. In my local store there was no variation in flavour but online you can get alot of different flavours. I gained a lot of mass using this in combination with a high calorie bulking diet and creatine monohydrate.

When I was bulking and trying to gain even more mass, I tried USN hyperbolic mass and it worked but not more effectively than the Hardcore Whey gH. Hybolic mass is a mass gainer rather than just pure protein so it has a lot of carbs in order to try and help you bulk so its good for people who find it hard to eat enough during bulking.

I will update this page as I try out more supplements, I am thinking of trying pre-workout supplements to see how that would affect my workout sessions, and maybe fat burners as well.